2009 - Year of

So here we are America, 2009 was definitely the year of lies, false promises and a sinking economy.  Is it possible that the present administration actually put their Nation in danger’s way or were they struggling in their endeavor to support a very devious leader?  History will connect the dots, but for now we must not straddle the fence in a feeble attempt to be politically correct.


Let’s review 2009 and discuss the mind boggling beating that we’ve endured.  First mistake was allowing the government to remove our voice – this started many moons ago and we were too complacent and busy to really involve ourselves in the world of politics. 


In fact, our focus was on acquiring things, we went from One Nation Under God to a materialistic self centered Nation.  So after God was kicked to the curb, we opted to let the White House take care of our business while we flashed our plastic and played around in our sandboxes.    


Oh yes, we bitched and complained some but that was about as far as it went.  Now that our sand has run out, we’re struggling to keep our homes, jobs and put food on the table.


Our recession can’t be blamed entirely on our government – we certainly haven’t been good financial stewards.  We were on the brink of financial destruction and the current administration just finished the job quickly and without remorse.


2009 is the perfect example of allowing the almighty dollar to buy our vote – many just wanted a change, any change and others wanted to be politically correct and let an unknown movie star with a sophisticated teleprompter take charge of our country. 


We didn’t know anything about this person except he was an African American, an eloquent orator with a lot of poise, darn good personality and a boatload of promises that sounded, oh so good to our ears.  America decided she was ready for a change!


Next, came a stimulus package that didn’t just rock our boat – it harmed and weakened our country.  Not one of us knows where the money has actually gone.  We do know it was used to bail out many corrupt businesses, corporations (who failed to run honest, legitimate businesses,) such as AIG and car companies along with Freddie and Fannie who were throwing our money around like it was Christmas. 


Then we saw a leader who wanted to climb in bed with the extremists, terrorists and foreign countries and please note Mr. Obama degraded our USA with negative comments and not so subtle slams.  It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Obama are ashamed of their country, but maybe shame isn’t the right word.  Possibly contempt is a better choice. 


Mr. Obama’s foreign blunders sort of reminds me of the era of Dr. Spock, when parents had their hands smacked for disciplining, mentoring and raising their children.  Mr. Obama tried to convince us that we were the bad guys and needed to be more understanding and forgiving.


That’s why Gitmo is being closed and terrorists are being brought to our Nation for trial.  Do you really think that Obama and gang don’t know that a civil trial may well get these evil men a free pass out of our country. 


On December 25, 2009 a young crotch bomber attempted to kill many Americans on our turf.  Yesterday, the wife of the bomber who blew up our CIA agents said she was so proud of her husband and that he did the right thing. So much for bowing, bending and weak diplomacy!  Americans we are at war!


HAMP, Cash for Clunkers, TARP, HARP all costly reforms to Americans that are full of loop holes and not one of these programs has helped the taxpayer. 


Then as if we haven’t suffered enough for 2009, Mr. Obama and gang are trying to jam a healthcare reform bill down our throats. Pelosi and Reid are behind closed doors doctoring up this reform and we know in the end the healthcare reform will increase our debt and cause us financial agony for years to come. 


Transparency, you’ve got to be kidding – Obama did the C-Span thing just to get votes. Transparency was not in Obama’s agenda and never will be… 


Our government definitely has problems with priorities – America needs leaders who will protect our backs, someone who calls a spade a spade.  We’re in a war against terrorists, our economy is possibly headed for a “double dip recession,” accurate figures on unemployment are above 17% and every bill passed has been full of earmarks and loaded with major problems.  Republicans and Democrats have the audacity to call themselves “leaders.” 


One of the meanest and most evil players during the recession of 2009 has been a portion of our news media; they joined the Obama wagon way before his inauguration and continue to feed us 2nd hand news in an attempt to get a specific reaction from us. 


Some of the big dogs in the news media need to be sent to their dog houses permanently – our Nation deserves honesty and not biased regurgitated news.  We have an economy that’s gone south, wars on our hands, terrorist threats, no jobs and they have the nerve to play the same ole Obama tune. 


Give us the real news, raw uncensored straight from the horses’ mouth – let us decide what decisions need to be made; the politicians in the White House are on our dime.  They are our employees and it appears most of them have forgotten that rather important fact. 


Americans need to step forward and make some very difficult decisions in the year 2010 for we must protect our children and our grandchildren. Many Americans are still in a fantasy world, total denial still focusing on self and not on their country. 


Our children and grandchildren will suffer for years to come if we don’t join together as a Nation.  We are controlled – not in control.  It will be a difficult year, but collectively we can bring about many changes that should have been made years ago. 


May God Bless America