Dear Mr. Obama

Yep, I was one of many who sat on the edge of my seat expecting great things, but it didn’t happen.  You appeared to have great difficulty pronouncing words and connecting with the American populace.  I watched your hands, which pretty much told the story (if you’re used to studying body language.)  Your hands expressed anger, confusion and hopelessness!   Yet your charismatic manner and talent as a speaker, once again turned some Americans’ heads, but what I experienced was a second rate movie without a beginning or an end.
Americans had a re-run of your campaign in 2008 – nothing really new or different!  As a grandmother of 7 and mother of 4, it is troubling to hear you talk about a solution for earmarks, actually placing the monkey back on the Republicans and Democrats, instead of telling America that you signed bills with billions in earmarks.  It’s that better than “thou” attitude that kicked you in the fanny last night! 
Than you suggested a freeze, oh my, you never once said we’re going to downsize the government and freeze government spending until Americans have jobs and their homes back.  Nope, you just threw the blame on  everyone, but the Obama Man.  It’s amazing to watch you in action as you not so subtly placed blame on the Republicans, Democrats, Banks, Wall Street  etc… 
Do you know something we don’t know Obama, for you made the statement suggesting many would lose their insurance before your speech was completed.  Think that’s on the verge of a threat, or did I take it out of context?
 So I guess what this means is “You’re Gonna Have A Good Nights Sleep.” because you’ve just washed your hands of all responsibility for 2009. So in closing Mr. Obama, let’s go around America in two – who received our stimulus monies, who is passing out money to Freddy and Fanny via the back door?  Who spent millions of dollars to go party in Copenhagen? Who promised us transparency?  Who is trying to protect the “terrorists” on our turf, instead of protecting Americans? 
Who in the world was responsible for all those lousy reforms or bills like HAMP, TARP, Stimulus Bill, Cash for Clunkers and who tries to fool us by saying the worst of the recession is over because of Your Quick Response?  Not even Plouffe can get you out of this mess! One more thing “A man is only as good as his word” – are you a good man, Mr. Obama?