Obamanism Stikes Again

There’s a clear message for all Americans from the Obama camp – their agenda has not and will not change.   Their goal is big government, spreading the wealth, higher taxes, no transparency in government, plenty of pork barrel and welcoming illegal alliens into our US come hell or high water.

In six months, America has undergone a triple bi pass: (1) Runaway stimulus program, (2) No real assistance for homeowners, and (2) No jobs (Unemployment is at an all time high) 

The new administration in six months has placed our Nation in a perilous position, we’re becoming the laughing stock of the world.  Like spoiled children, Obama and gang are now in the stage of temper tantrums, name calling and threats.  I believe Mr. Obama said the health reform program will go thru this fall, regardless of our support.  Maybe “the Obama God” needs a long time out until he gets his priorities straight.

Tonight in Arizona, as we speak, 14 Basha stores are closing their doors, several food city stores are following suit and one of our school districts started their first days of school with a shortage in excess of 2 million dollars. 

Mr. Obama, we’re tired of the propaganda – get a life!  Bankruptcies are running rampid, home foreclosures remain in the headlines, and millions of people have lost or are going to lose their jobs.  You took our stimulus money to line the pockets of your friends – how much of the stimulus money will be paid back to America and at what rate of interest. 

Mr. Obama, you know the Cash for Clunkers is a repeat of the housing frenzy and we will be the ones to fincance the program and than pick up the pieces when it explodes.  Frankly we’re tired of Obamanism and we are rapidly losing our trust and confidence in you as a leader.

As Always, Annie