Cash for Clunkers - Another Mini Scam

Altho the “Cash for Clunkers” is making headlines and the news media is having a hayday oohing and ahing about the economic benefits, this is another ridiculous Democratic ploy headed for the pits!  This Obama creation “Cash for Clunkers” is a feeble last fling to distract Americans, economists and Republican leaders. 

What is happening at this time is a parallel to the Freddy and Fannie mess that the Democrats created when they instructed lending institutions to lend money for homes to those with bad credit, no credit and no jobs. 

Who is actually benefiting from this ridiculous farce?  The automobile manufacturers probably would be first in line to raise their hands, some of them are elated and consider this icing on the cake after the bailout monies they’ve received.  The new car owner might come in second, but he or she may find that in the not too distant future they have been the victims of another government scam. 

Questions to ponder: (1) How many of the people utilizing the “Cash for Clunkers” program have the credit and job security to warrant purchasing a new car, (2) Why are we throwing more monies to the auto manufacturers, and (3) Who is really paying for this “Cash for Clunkers” program.  After you answered the above questions, you may just feel like throwing up….

The Democrats have blind sided us once again; we’re the victims and our pocketbooks are dwindling.  It would behoove all of America to demand an accounting of monies spent thus far from the Obama economic recovery plan and lastly we need to see the original economic package and then make a decision if we in fact want to proceed with a bill that is laden with pork barrel requests and promises. 

As Always, Annie