Jon Kyl - Stand Toe to Toe with Obama

Many Republicans and Democrats are starting to distance themselves from the Obama gang; they’re beginning to question Mr. Obamas stimulus package, government controlled healthcare plan and his ideas for climate change. 


They’re beginning to realize that Obama always wants to gouge the US businesses, increase their taxes and burden them with more problems.  The promises to help the homeowners was pretty much a total flop too – millions of people are losing their homes as we speak. 

“The Obama administration is firing back at Sen. Jon Kyl where it hurts the most – at home in Arizona. Jon is calling an end to economic stimulus package and with good reason. Jon realizes that much of the money already spent wasn’t used to create jobs or to assist homeowners. 


 Jon realizes the stimulus package is full of pork barrel padding and crap.  Well, hats off to Senator Jon Kyl; it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from a man, not a dyed in the wool politician. 

Mr. Kyl is right, the stimulus package isn’t helping and we need to stop further financial bleeding by discontinuing a program that isn’t being spent for Americans. We need more Jon Kyl’s and John McCains in our government who would eliminate the pork fat, down size and clean up our government. Both of these men want less government and more voice from the people.

Keep an eye on the “Sweet Sixteen,” a group of 16 Democrats that aren’t about to roll over and play dead for Mr. Obama.  We’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from this group.  So each day Obama must realize that he’s losing ground rapidly, because he’s not capable of running a country by remote control.  Many of his Democratic team are planning to jump ship if he keeps running amuck!

Our government out of the goodness of their heart is handing every crooked Tom, Dick and Harry some of our money without even asking our permission. No one seems to have an accounting of our money; (1) Who received it, why and when will we be reimbursed (if ever) and at what interest rate etc., (2) How much of our money has been spent and, (3) Who’s in charge of the big bad wolf or does our government dole out money on a first come, first serve basis?  

Americans are experiencing another lesson in futility as the government continues throwing good money after bad – employment increases as the promise for millions of new jobs just slipped off of the horizon? Bankruptcy is becoming a household word. 

What did a large number of these sophisticated, crooked lending institutions do to the poor people who were desperately trying to keep their home and families in tact?   The lending institutions who cried wolf, received their little stimulus packages and literally closed their doors on the public. 

The mortgage leeches offered loan modifications, pocketed the government incentive money and the borrower’s monthly payments for 3 or 4 months and than reneged on the loan modification placing the homeowners in a hopeless situation.  

My daughter purchased a modest home in 2005 – recently she found the actual value of the home at time of purchase was $ 141,000; her mortgage was a whopping total of $ 244,000 with a few months of a fixed mortgage converting to a revolving interest rate. In a little over 4 years her monthly payment has increased $ 400.00 per month! By the way her second is at a whopping 10.5%. 

Most of us are in debt up to our armpits already due to a faltering economy and we’re complacently sitting back watching a poorly executed stimulus package misuse our money. Some have lost all retirement money and others are borrowing from their retirement funds just to stay afloat.

Next on the horizon, literally as we speak, the Democrats are going to pass a healthcare package come hell or high water. No doubt our healthcare needs an injection, but not from a bunch of incompetent politicians who don’t have a clue about the healthcare climate. 

Back to an old tune again – down size our government. Here’s but one example: Medicare was a great idea for Americans, but the people in charge have managed to run the PCP (Primary Care Physician) out of town. They’ve beaten up homecare, the nursing homes and in general spent billions of our money needlessly in what they call an attempt to fight fraud.  

It won’t be surprising if the truth were known, that all of these programs to prevent fraud are much more costly than the fraud itself!   Many of the people hired to investigate Medicare fraud are novice, non- medical individuals who are nothing more than glorified “head hunters” drawing big wages. 

We need an accounting from Medicare (monthly) and a freeze needs to be placed on anymore frivolous health programs that won’t work.   Check out Medicare’s glorious bidding program for DME companies and you’ll find millions of our dollars have been spent needlessly.

Who really cares about our countries welfare? Who’s watching out for the citizens of the US?  This must be our first real taste of what big government is all about – we work and they spend!

Mr. Obama needs to quit traveling, partying and playing politics – his priority should be downsizing the government, removing all the pork in the stimulus pack (he just had to have.)  Of course we need our healthcare repaired, but not until our government get our economy back on its feet – first things first. 

Create real jobs, help the homeowners and quit spending our money on websites, marshes, bogs or whatever. We don’t want big government; we want our voice back. 

Until someone steps in and ruthlessly cleans up the White House, Americans will continue to struggle. We need honest politicians without their personal agendas and baggage; people who care about their people and their country. 

As Always, Annie