Mr. Obama's Changes

Mr. Obama, one question keeps raising its ugly head – what is this wonderful “change” that you kept mentioning in your campaign? Your famous last words during your acceptance speech, is finally America is ready to move forward with change – sounds good Mr. Obama.

How do Americans know which of your many changes is the final change that we’ll be able to live with, in the future? Now ye ole friend Reverend Wright is surfacing and he like Michelle are finally acknowledging pride in our United States.

Why do people like Wright and Michelle even bother hanging around if we’ve been such an embarrassment to them? Michelle seems to have been living the good life in a 4.2 million dollar home and a fairly recent promotion – so what did we do to upset Michelle?

Mr. Obama, you’ve tried to give people the impression that this is a race thing and it’s not – it’s about character, reputation, track record, because it really doesn’t matter if you’re red, black, white or blue. America needs a man or woman who can bravely stand toe to toe with the Democrats and Republicans and restore our Nation to a strong foundation.

What is the scoop with Reverend Wright – for years you frequented Trinity and listened to Reverend Wright. Then you started sidestepping the Wright issue; you said when the children were young it was impossible to attend Church regularly.

Shortly after that you claimed to frequent Mr. Wright’s Church, stating that he was a dear friend. When the news media put a little pressure on you and the burner got hot, you decided that Wright was no longer a friend and he was spewing horrible things from his mouth that you could not tolerate.

Oops, me thinks race and foreign monies are what won you the position of President January 2009. If there is a racial problem, you’re the one to blame – not Americans. Haven’t you or your buds noticed recently that there are many, many great African Americans in our country?

Race isn’t what Americans were questioning – it was your association with Reverend Wright (one black man) and with Ayers and other friends (mostly Caucasians.) So let’s get off the race kick, Mr. Obama – me thinks you doth protest too much. We’re interested in your track record, your past, your leadership qualifications and if our country is truly your first priority.

Our problem with you is really about character and reputation – not being privy to either one; many Americans aren’t exactly comfortable with your leadership abilities! Here are but a few of our concerns at this time.

The scary thing is your handlers, Americans sense that you’re owned an controlled by some very undesirables. We don’t want a bigger government, nor do we want someone who refuses to call a living breathing infant a human being.

We’re tired of a Supreme Court who is out of control and passes laws for every special interest group, lobbyists who have a fart crossways. We don’t want our children endoctrinated by “The Rules of Radicals.” We want our government downsized, the piggy eliminated and honest leaders.

We just experienced one of the biggest disgraces in our time watching you with the able assistance of the Liberal News Media, illegal campaign supporters, Acorn and a bunch of disjointed Democrats run the ugliest Presidential Campaign in our hisotory.

So you see, we’re more than a little bit tense about you leading our country, because during all of your campaign speeches you have changed your mind so many times in order to win the election – none of us know who you really are or what your plans are for our country, families and children. “May God Bless America.”

As Always, Annie

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