Do We Fight or Roll-Over

Americans must speak up for their country and families, we can’t just give in to a government that continues making bad decisions. Call your representatives, email your Senators and let your voice be heard – we’ve got to regain our voice and fight for our country. We don’t need bigger government,more taxation or a bunch of shysters playing politics with our money!

What could be going thru the American’s minds who knew Obama didn’t have any real leadership qualifications, any track record or expertise in foreign policy?

We’re going to have to live with a man, who bought his Presidential position via the news media, fishy campaign donations and a huge boost from Acorn and other special interest groups?

McCain received almost ½ of the popular vote – this is more than a red flag or warning to the populace. So once again the “Electoral Vote” declares the winner and public confidence just went down the tube.

We’re experiencing day by day blows due to our broken economy and to our horror Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd & Reid appear to be in charge of our country and families.

None of us know what to do at this time; we’re being lambasted hourly by the News Media as they prepare us for one more bail out. They talk about Obama’s new economic stimulus package and we watch as Obama starts his chess game moving his pawns daily as he builds his Presidential Cabinet. The dollar is quickly losing value, so what will it be worth if Obama in fact initiates another 700 billion plus stimulus plan?

But what about our children and their children – who is watching out for their safety or are we just sitting here quietly hoping for the best? There’s too many people spending our money and it will be years before we catch it up and start to balance the budget if the runaway government continues with their temporary band aids.

My worst fear is the money being handed out to the various corporations will be used to clean up their bad debt and within a few short months; they’ll be back at our doorstep begging for more. In other words, it’s not being used to help consumers! Those who’ve lost their jobs, homes and savings really don’t have much to look forward to at this time!

Circuit City, Linen N’ Things are closing their doors here in the Phoenix area. Many, many others will follow, which means higher unemployment, consumer spending slowed down even more and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, but no one really knows

We don’t have any real leaders at this time in our government and we seem to be at the mercy of the Democrats. Blame isn’t a solution, but there are many people including our government representatives who have abused and misused their trusted positions.

Americans are a beautiful resilient group of people, but how much more can we give of ourselves and our money? Our government should be working for the people and so far the bail out money has gone to those who truly don’t deserve a helping hand.

What we could use right now are some honest well seasoned economists that can lead us through this economic recession. There’s no doubt that we’ll feel a little boost from all of this transfusion of money, but I belief it will be short-lived and than what happens after AIG, Citibank, Fannie and Freddie take another nose dive?

Truthfully, logic tells us to stop the bailout and let the ones who have abused and misused their monies go by the wayside and yes we know it will cause us to suffer, but it’s probably best to take the hit now instead of waiting for the false economy to disintegrate.

Who can we believe? Who really know how to work through this economic crisis? What happens to Americans if Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd and Reid once again steer us the wrong way? Why should any of us believe in our government leaders at this time?????

“May God Bless America,”

As always, Annie