Your Money - Their Mistakes

Americans have met “the battle of the bulge” and it isn’t any fun! The “fat cats” in Washington just love to play monopoly with our tax dollars and we’re the ones who end up in jail without a free card.

Our government remains in the same robotic mode of same ole, same ole! We are shaking in our shoes and totally confused; should we remove what’s left of our savings and bury our money in the back yard or should we change our portfolio before Washington makes another blunder?

Don Young (R – from Alaska) voted “NO” on the bailout bill calling it a mere slippery slope to Socialism. Keep your eye on Don, he’s the kind of man we need leading our country. Here’s another Maverick who isn’t afraid to stand toe to toe with either party.

Chuck Norris reminded us that the House of Representatives and Senate don’t have a clue what’s in the 500 page bailout bill and mentions that Republicans and Democrats fell for the bull – – – – of the bad boys and girls, Pelosi, Paulsen, Frank and Dodd.

Let’s remember McCain and Obama gave the bill a big “Yes” as they merrily went on their way campaigning. Neither one objected loudly or with any real sincerity!

In order to get this bill passed by the majority, Pelosi and gang tossed more than their share of carrots into the bill. Here’s but a few of the earmarks that are snuggled deep within the confines of this bill: (1) $192 million in tax breaks for rum producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, $128 million in tax breaks for the manufacturers of car-racing tracks, $148 million in tax breaks for wool-producing companies. and these almighty carrots just keep growing.

They just don’t get it – we want a government without their hands in the “Piggy Bank.” Government isn’t changing, even though they’ve jeopardize our country and our families!

Pelosi remains the same stoic Speaker of the House and every time she dips in our till – she has someone else to blame.

Now get this Nancy and Reid appointed an Oversight Panel to report to them, the panel will deliver a report January 20th, 2009 after she’s spent all of our bail out money. Technically, she’s covering her – – – so neither Republicans or Democrats can accuse her of negligence.

Look at the free market and ask yourself why the taxpayers’ were voted responsible for the bailout Freddie and Fannie. Why are we the ones to pick up the slack for a government that has acted irresponsibly; no one seems to be held accountable at this time!? It’s like letting a bunch of lions loose at a smorgasbord – they come with a ravenous appetite and just keep gorging and gorging.

Jay Leno as usual gives us a dose of truth embellished by his uncanny wit; when talking about the bail out, he said our economic crisis has now affected our children. Jay said, “Like, when kids play monopoly, the dumbest kid can be the banker.” He expresses his concern about our predicament via a dash of humor. Jay Leno, New York Times, September 30, 2008, 12:08 pm.

Here’s several sites that offer up to the minute news on the bailout discussing the repercussions and hardships placed on Americans. The first one is http://loudobbs.tv.cnn.com/ Lou Dobs, although from CNN speaks honestly about the lack of oversight by our government and Paulson (Treasury Secretary.)

Lou doesn’t waste words, nor will he take up much of your time; he’s a bottom line man and irate that two trillion dollars of our bail out money has been disbursed without proper supervision or restrictions.

Another informative man is Brit Hume | Special Report – FOXNews.com – Brits has the highest rated political program on cable TV. Brit doesn’t pull any punches and brings up all sides of the story.

FOX is yet another that site keeps up to date and unlike many news media, FOX tries to present all of the facts. The World Newser: November 2008 or try FOX.com.
The latest rumors around town whisper that several trillion dollars of our money has disappeared without any real oversight or restrictions. Consequently some of the lending institutions are doing a little personal investing with our money and have plumb forgotten that we, the consumer are sitting here with legs crossed waiting for some credit lines to be freed up.

“May God Bless America.” If you’re mad – call or email your government representatives. Get your voice back, America; it’s your money and your dime so have your say!

As Always, Annie Catch me @ http://www.yourannie.com