Pelosi and Obama Gods

They both have a couple of things in common – neither one likes to be questioned. Pelosi is sitting like the “Queen Bee” doling out our bail out money and has the guts to say she just might need more, but Lord forbid if taxpayers want a few questions answered about our money.

Obama refuses to adhere to rules on campaign contributions and the scuttlebutt is FEC will tuck tail between their legs and slink away without finishing an audit. He refuses to divulge his past and threatens the media that want to discuss his ability to lead.

Speaking of changing your mind, Pelosi has changed her mind a little on drilling, but that‘s just to appease the public. She’s hell bent on seeing that gas, oil and fuel will skyrocket in price, just check out the lady that’s backing trade and cap legislation – little Miss Nancy. She and her greenhouse buddies, are by the way laughing all the way to the bank and will do their best to stop offshore drilling.

Obama’s many changes must be close to making a record in the World Book Of Guinness, he’s changed his mind on drilling, tax breaks, tax increases, foreign policy, economic crises and most recently he’s announced that he will veto Bush laws on stem cells and anything else he can get his grubby hands on…

Mr. Obama and liberalist friends need to rethink the “stem Cell” subject, our brilliant scientists can and will find other ways to fight Alzheimer. Could this be the reason he’s unable to call a baby a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy?

Obama and Pelosi promise us the world – America is being brainwashed on the “Green” problem, but Obama is going to reach for his magician’s hat and use another 150 billion to create green jobs.

Next he wants billions of dollars to jump start the economy and the list keeps going and going. The question keeps arising and no one answer us; where is all of this money coming from??? While Obama is making plans to get back into our pockets for more money– Nancy is busy in the White House playing Doctor.

Nancy Pelosi is patting “AIG” on the fanny and tossing them another big marshmallow and at the same time she’s getting ready to spend more “bail out” money to help Detroit.

When does accountability come into practice? She hasn’t really informed us about “Freddie & Fannie,” but what we don’t know want hurt us Nancy, or will it?

Maybe before – Obama and the triplets spend all of our money, we should be allowed to speak. No one informs Americans before the fact – it’s all a done deal better known as after the fact.

The Democrats have about as much business playing around with our money as the Lobbyists and special interest groups – they’ve had their fun, misused our money, set up grants via Obama and friends that are draining our resources. When over 300 economists in our United States tell Washington that the “Bail Out” is not the answer, we probably should be listening to them.

First things first, Mr. Obama – down size the government, cut out the earmarks, get control of the runaway lobbyists and special interest groups and make your Democrat friends accountable for their financial blunders.

In other words, prosecute, put them behind bars and quit letting them control you. As Chuck Norris said, “Mr. Obama, you work for us now.”

Anyway you look at it – Nancy and friends need to go; those who are truly not placing their country first needs to exit immediately. By the way, you did know Nancy is going to try to talk us into more “bail out” money in the near future and you, Mr. Obama wants extra money from us to jumpstart the economy.

Nancy wants more because her friends weren’t exactly held accountable during her reign as house speaker. You want more money, because you don’t have a clue how to lead or protect our country at this time and money is always your answer.

In case, you haven’t heard she’s making a move to spend more or our “bail out” money and President Bush is finally stepping up to the bat – go Bush, talk with us, get qualified economists in there to help us out.

Do something with this runaway Democratic train – I shudder to think what America is in for when Obama takes over as President! Mr. Obama has exactly two solutions for handling his Presidency and I’m betting he’ll jump even further left when he gains control.

There are two choices for him at this time; (1) Restore America’s faith in their government, or (2) Take a dive with your many liberal friends. You can’t have it both ways – maybe you should make one more change and consider the “Center of the Road,” Mr. Obama.

Yep, I got on my soapbox today, because everything is falling in place just like many of us thought it would. Wright, Ayers and other Obama friends are crawling out of the cracks; Pelosi is going to spend all of the “Bail Out” money the wrong way.

AIG isn’t going to recover, because those running AIG aren’t and haven’t been accountable. Several months down the road, the news media will be talking of a pending depression, all because the Democrats are on a power trip!

Obama is getting off the hook once again on his citizenship status, his past record, his campaign funds and I believe our Mr. Wright might be delivering his swearing in invocation on January 20th.

Obama says this will be the beginning of healing the racial divide, whoa, I thought Obama was ashamed of his Reverend Wright and distancing himself from that kind of person filled with so much hate for America.

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As Always, Annie