Mr. Obama - Can You Hear the Two "Joes"

Mr. Obama, as a grandmother of seven there are many concerns in my heart about your leadership ability, your character and reputation – you’ve had several years to bring this pertinent information forward for the American people.

For whatever reasons, you opted to hide your real past, your Illinois Senate information (I guess you lost it, shredded it or whatever.)

The community projects you keep telling us about aren’t a reality, because you don’t give us names of your former employers, nor do you give us specifics about the many government grants, contractors and tax dollars you used to spread the wealth.

Your campaign funds have turned into American’s night mare – we don’t want foreign countries, fake citizens or terrorists feeding your funds or messing with our country.

The fact that you ignore FEC, the news media and the people of our country refusing to acknowledge your actual backers and supporters makes one feel that you’re hiding your head in shame. David Axelrod and your immediate Democratic camp can’t hide forever – it’s much better to take your hit now than wait for future repercussions.

This morning I realized nothing that this grandmother says at this time will get America’s attention, but there are two drummers marching to the same tune that need to be heard.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher from Toledo, Ohio is worried about your tax plan, which is very difficult to understand, (1) You keep changing it, and (2) There’s no way 95% of the people will receive a tax break.

Over 40% of Americans don’t pay taxes, Mr. Obama. So thanks to “Joe,” he had nerve enough to stand up and speak for many small businesses in America.Mr. Obama, Joe Wurzelbacher, like Sarah Palin is one of us – he was our voice for a brief six minutes. You probably didn’t hear him, Mr. Obama because you march to a different drummer.

Mr. Obama did you stop to listen to Joe Cook, one of America’s brave who fights for our freedom and the freedom of other. Joe said, “Freedom is always worth the price and you Mr. Obama show disrespect for our servicemen and their sacrifice for our country.”

Go to You Tube and search for Joe Cook. America, the two Joes said it all – are you marching to their drummer? John and Sarah hear the “Joes!” “May God Bless America.”

As Always, Annie