Is the voting process for our Military still full of flaws and glitches – do they still have to request an absentee ballot, which conveniently gets lost on its way back to the states.

The statistics from the last Federal Election state that only about 30% of the absentee ballots get counted. These are the men and women who deserve to have their voice heard – they’re the ones who understand what is necessary to keep our country free from terrorists and other enemies.

As most Americans know, Mr. Obama doesn’t waste much time worrying about our Military – if it were left up to him our boys and girls protecting us from terrorists, providing hope to other countries and ensuring our freedom would pretty much do without the bare necessities. Just check out Obama’s voting record if you have any doubt what he thinks about our military.

Yet, Mr. Obama has insured 18 year olds, minority groups etc. that they will be bussed, carried or wheel barrowed to the polls on November 4 th. – Acorn and Hope buddies made sure they were registered even if they weren’t legal.

Regardless of Obama tactics, we have an awesome group of men and women protecting us and fighting for our freedom; they are the ones who step forward to keep their country safe – the greatest sacrifice one can give is to lay down their lives for their loved ones.

No other group of Americans deserve the honor, praise and support that our brave our brave Military warrants.

Here are two questions that need answered immediately; (1) Will all of our Military men and women get to vote, and if they do will it be a repeat from last time where the absentee votes just conveniently got lost or chewed up or misplaced????? (2) Who is in charge of our military’s voting process – don’t think it’s our government, because it appears they have once again been left out in the cold.

As Always, Annie