Obama's Radical Machine

Americans are being devoured by a evil “Radical Machine” starting back in the 1930’s with Saul Alinsky – by the time we hit the 60’s the government was not only conditioned and living the rules of Radicals, they were contributing billions of dollars to various community organizations via tax payers money.

Shortly thereafter gigantic social service organizations had been formed and the “Wheel of Radicalism” was well under way. Do your homework, study your government history and see how Obama and gang have been skimming monies from the government via grants and contractors since “Hector was a Pup.”

This Presidential Election isn’t about Obama V. McCain – it’s about the Radicals v. McCain. Obama is just a pre programmed robot, a creation by Ayers, Wright, Acorn, Rezko, the Weathermen, Annenberg, Woods foundation and the list continues on and on….

Want to know what Mr. and Mrs. Obama have been doing recently starting back in 1993 – talk with the Cook County register, Gene Moore. Start investigating the Chicago Gang with Richard Daley and Daley’s personal strategist David Axelrod, who by the way is Obama’s chief strategist.

Axelrod is one of the strong arms behind the “Radical Wheel” and he’s not about to let Obama’s murky past mess up the Democratic Presidential campaign.Obama and gang are professionals at skimming monies from the government via grants, earmarks, contractors and other questionable foreign sources.

Illinois took one hit after another as Obama treated himself to taxpayer’s money. Obama made sure that Michelle’s cousin in charge of the Blue Gargole group was taken care of with government money.

Obama and gang will direct and control your children’s education, your taxes will sky rocket and your voice will no longer exist. Individual choice will be kicked to the curb and government will control.

Once again I state this Presidential Race isn’t between two men – it’s between a group of powerful radicals throughout our country and Senator McCain and Sarah Palin.

Palin threw a damper into Daley, Axelrod and Wrights plans – they were scared beyond words that one women, “the all American women” could thwart their plans of 50 plus years. Why do you think Biden was selected and not Hillary Clinton? Obama and gang couldn’t control Hillary and they need a scape goat to fill the shoes of Vice President.

If some Americans are willing to throw their voice, their freedoms, the “American Dream” and their children under the bus for the new “Radical” life, there’s not much the rest of us can do about it, but support Senator McCain & Sarah on November 4, 2008.

Obama is only a convenient fixture, a name piece for this “Radical Wheel.” Obama may think he’s going to be able to control the all powerful, but it will never happen because Pelosi, Reid and Dodd are the ones at the helm in our government.

He was a disaster during his time in Chicago until he stepped over into the Chicago Politics in the mid 1990’s and there he’s lived happily ever after, and Chicago remains corrupt and controlled by the Radicals This is without a doubt the most critical time in America’s history and Americans need to once again become the “Voice of America.”

The “Wheel of Radicalism” has been in the making for 70 plus years and its spokes include terrorists, lobbyists, and special interest groups all over the World. So now, folks you know where the unlimited funds for Barack Hussein Obama comes from – and the ironic thing is our tax money has now returned to haunt us.

“God Bless America”
http://www.yourannie.com As Always, Annie