Obama's Flock

What you’ll read is rather graphic, sometimes even sad, but nothing identifies a man’s character quicker than the friends that gather round him. It appears on Barack Obama’s behalf that “birds of a feather do stick together.”

Going back just a short time in history, you can read an interview with Walter Fauntroy in Kenya during the national breakfast. Fautroy said if Obama wins the Presidency, Kenya would be the most important nation world-wide, because Obama would be the first US President from Kenya. Fauntroy just exposed Obama’s birth place!

Look further and see how the prospect of Obama’s victory raises fears in Kenya that the Democratic backed leader is allied with Muslims promoting Islamic law. The entire article can be viewed @ Worldnet daily.com written, October 3rd. 2008 @12:40 AM ESTD, by Jerome R. Corsi’.

Two things to note here, (1) Fauntroy acknowledges Obama’s birth place and Kenya is worried about the Democratic Senator and his allegiance with Muslims, supporting Islamic law.

Go way back some 20 years to Reverend Wright, Obama’s mentor, friend, pastor and staunch supporter; David Axelrod insisted that Obama dump Wright quickly when the media started asking questions about the Wright/Obama relationship. Axelrod, Mayor Daily, Wright & Obama are having a hay day with us – this was a moved agreed on by all four in an effort to sidetrack voter opinion about Obama’s pastor of 20 years.

Barack Obama originally said that Reverend Wright is a great pastor in a large church – he admires Wright and is in accord with what Reverend Wright teaches and preaches. Obama also stated that politicians need scapegoats – oops! Didn’t Obama use Wright as a scapegoat when the media questioned him about his affiliation with Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

He denounced Wright, stuck his tail between his legs and ran, because his pastor that he’s idolized for years was ruining his run for President. Go back to Obama in 1995: Rev. Wright is ‘The Best and check out what Barack has to say about his mentor and closest friend.

Black pastors aren’t about to let their congregations suffer under the Obama philosophy and they are warning them before November 4th. Just take “ye ole mouse” and paste the following words in your browser “Black pastors against Obama.”

If you don’t mind helping me dig through a bunch of land transactions that connected Barack & Michelle Obama with Reverend Wright – paste into your browser Trinity, Obama & Reverend Wright land transactions.

Hold onto your hats, because Wright & Obama were “kissing cousins’ for years. Like Wright said, it was just a necessary political move by Obama – you better believe these 2 men are in touch with each other on a daily basis. They have way too many irons in the fire for either one to receive a severance package.

The twins (Obama & Wright) did their book signing together which isn’t gossip or hearsay – they not only collaborated on their writing, but on their religious and moral philosophies.

Looking for a tidbit from an Obama Staffer, paste this in your browser – Obama Staffer Blows the Whistle. She not only explains the Obama campaign strategy, but gives specifics that you can relate to, because you’ve listened to the Debates, campaign speeches and his not so famous infomercial.

This young lady once again mentions all of Obama’s flock starting with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Pfelger, Rashid Khalili, don’t overlook David Axelrod (Obama’s chief strategist) plus Mayor Dailey and last but not least Michelle Obama. With a flock like this, who needs enemies?

Obama, Wright, Axelrod, Dailey are extreme liberalists better known as “radicals.” They, along with many other groups have been preparing Barack Obama for the 2008 run as Democratic President Elect. These special interest groups have been backed largely by tax payer’s money via government grants. Obama and flock handed the grant money out yearly to the special interest and radical groups.

While Americans basked in their complacency and quest of materialism and self, a powerful radical machine was created and reinforced over a 20 year span.The man behind the soft shoe shuffle, eloquent speeches and political rhetoric can’t lead America out of a shoebox, but he can place Americans and their families in grave danger if elected President.

Check out the 800,000 Obama donated to Acorn and then learn how the Democratic President Elect played around with the radicals @ Obama’s Big Lie in the Last Debate or Acorn knew of fraudulent voter registration forms, ex-employee of and if this isn’t enough find out about his online campaign fraud. Meet me @http://www.yourannie.com

“May God Bless America.”

As Always, Annie