Wined & Dined by Obama - for What?

Well – now we’ve been incensed with a 30 minute infomercial by Barack or is it Barry or George Obama, not one of us knows the real name or the real man. Like it or not the “Obama God” insisted on showing his face on TV for 30 minutes. Millions of dollars spent on a man without a past – it can’t get much worse than that…

Than I thought about his wife Michelle and her comment at the Democratic Convention stating that she’s finally proud of America. Well, Michelle you’re the one who made it plain and clear that the race is in fact about ethnicity. None of us even considered that until you made the comment!

You see Michelle, I’m speaking for millions of Americans out there – we don’t care if our next Presidential leader is red, white, brown or purple. We just want a man who places country first, one who will protect our families and children from the terrorists, special interest groups, Supreme Court Judges and most of all from the imminent (3) – the White House triplets Pelosi, Dodd and Reid.

Michelle the statement made at the Convention would have been powerful if you had prefaced it with the fact Barack Obama is a strong leader, sad Obama has no record. You couldn’t say your husband is experienced in foreign affairs – look at his sneaky meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister. Iraq is fearful that your husband will actually do them harm with his political maneuvers.

Maybe try saying he’s capable of balancing a budget – nope that won’t work either look at his campaign funds – FEC can tell you about that little problem or better yet check on all the tax payers’ money he’s handed out to special interest groups and radicals.

It’s obvious he isn’t a man who can down size the government, remove the crooks and give us back our American Dream! In fact his idea of government is control of the people, the small businesses, the middle class and seniors – he will decide who gets our money and when…

Michelle, any way you cut it your husband’s past is cloudy, murky and full of a bunch of political crap. Just as he’s trying to buy the Presidency, he bought his way into the Illinois Senate, the US Senate and the only reason Hillary was given the shoe was his unlimited campaign funds and the powerful “Radicals” who prepared him for this job. It really had nothing to do with the man or his capabilities did it Hillary?

Do you really think Bill Clinton’s reluctance to support your husband was a political maneuver – no way, Bill knows that Obama isn’t the man capable of filling the Presidential shoes and Bill hates to be connected in any way with a loser!

Michelle, here’s several questions for you and your husband: (1) why has Obama tried to hide his past, (2) Who is this man we call Barack Obama and where did he come from, (3) How can either one of you pretend that he has the qualifications to lead, and (4) Why did you dump Reverend Wright, Rezko, Ayers, Alice Palmer, Freddie and Fannie – should I go on with this disgusting list?

Remember when Walter Fauntroy spoke at Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast held at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, June 2008. Fauntroy – noted or said that an Obama victory would make Kenya the most important Nation in this world.

Fauntroy said Kenya would be the place that the first black President came from and something just clicked in my mind. Looks like Fauntroy let the cat out of the bag. How could Obama and Michelle forget pertinent information like this?

So give me a man and women who places their country first, will keep us from harms way and with our help restore the Nation back to it’s original foundation – One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.

As Always, Annie