A Lot Can Happen in Five Days

Five days left for all of us to ponder about what man will be the best choice for President of our Nation. There’s but two things to ponder: (1) Character & reputation of the man, and (2) Which man will protect your and your family at all costs?

So after thinking a few seconds about this – it was apparent that never in our Nation’s history have any two men differed so much on their platform. Below you’ll find a factual comparison that can be checked online at government site or campaign venues.

America has to be strong and do their homework before choosing their next President – remove the Liberal propaganda, the lies, the political bias and dig for the truth.


John will not raise anyone’s taxes.Obama will raise taxes so he can “share the wealth”


John believes in “One Nation Under God” and human lifeObama believes in One Nation Under Socialism and baby killing.


John’s economic plan will immediately create jobs for thousands of AmericansObama’s plan will close down businesses, encourage investors to go out of the US and redistribute our money until we’re all in “the lower class.”Government:

John will not only remove the shysters who are controlling our country, but down size the government by removing redundant or unnecessary programs. John will give us a report card on everyone who is scamming us at this time – we will know names and the appropriate punishments these evil people will receive.

Obama wants to control freedom of speech (news media), give illegal aliens all the amenities that a US citizen receives. Obama has been affiliated with some more than dangerous people during his two year US Senate interim, such as the “triplets” (Pelosi, Dodd & Reid) along with some shenanigans with the Freddie and Fanny crowd. Obama’s reluctance to vote in the Senate shows his disdain for the honest politicians – it also shows his inability to make wise decisions.

Track Records:

John protected our country for 20 plus years – his political career started in 1982 and he’s served his country well. His expensive background in foreign affairs has allowed him to place our troops first when making a decision. John doesn’t want our men and women to return from Iraq or Afghanistan defeated – to him that just isn’t acceptable.

Most of all, John places his county first, he wants a government that works for the people and will not tolerate a “Socialistic” philosophy that advocates a government that controls the people.

His running mate Sarah was chosen because she believes in a “government for the people.” Her track record is excellent and she is prepared to stand beside John as they down size the government and remove the “crooks.”

Sarah isn’t just a “cuts” lady without a marble in her head as the Liberal media tries to imply – she has the highest approval rating in history as governor and she her track record as governor shows us, she know how to balance a budget.

John’s cabinet will be chosen on their track record regardless of their party –this is a beautiful bipartisan approach that should restore our Nation’s once strong foundation.

Obama’s track record is non-existent, all we know is he passed “Go” and went straight from Columbia as a low “C” student to Harvard College. He used your tax dollars unwisely to empower the radicals, special interest groups and possibly even terrorists.

Only time will tell, but history will at sometime record who this man we call Obama really is, where he’s been for 20 years, if he’s a naturalized citizen and who is actually financing and supporting his “socialistic quest.”

“May God Bless Each and Everyone.”

As Always, Annie

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