John McCain - Country Comes First

John is ready to lead America out of their economic crisis, their fuel and health care problems and down size the Government. He will stand toe to toe with the politicians (their earmarks), the lobbyists, the special interest groups and shysters who continue misusing and abusing our tax dollars.

John and Sarah will shake up the government and their way of doing business. The government, meddlers(special interest groups & lobbyists) and peddlers (the liberal news media) have led us on a merry chase of lies, political propaganda and daily thumb their nose at us showing an extreme bias.

America should once again become the “voice,” and restore our Nation to it’s once strong foundation. Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens need to know what our Government Representatives are doing at all times, who is spending our money and why – someone needs to get a handle on the “Supreme Court” and their outlandish shannigans must be stopped.

First, we need to address the Berg versus Obama lawsuit, which is going to be a noose around America’s neck, if Obama does in fact win the Presidential Election.

The very dangerous times for us will be from November 4th until Inauguration. You know the “Obama First Act” is getting long and boring; the fact that he is ashamed or scared of his past makes one believe that his last 20 years are in fact misrepresented.

He’s the only one in history, who serves 8 years in the Illinois Senate and says,” there aren’t any records, I wasn’t a very good secretary or may they’re lost.”

Probably one of a very few who went from a low “C” at Coumbia and magically ended up in Harvard Law School

He’s the one who pretends the middle class and poor are his priorities, when in fact his voting record shows his disdane for small businesses, college students, women, babies, farmers and the list keep compiling.

He’s ashamed of his employers and refuses to disclose his employment records with anyone.

His US Senate voting record stinks and full of “no shows” and present. When he did vote, it pretty much was against cleaning up the government or helping the ‘Private Sector.”

So thank goodness for people like Mr. Berg who are willing to address important issues – “How can parents, grandparents, senior citizens and college students elect a man to lead our country, if they don’t know who the man really is…

As far as anyone knows, he hasn’t any leadership ability, his campaign funds shows many ficticious and foreign contributors (FEC will verify this – just go to their website.)

Obama is the only Presidential Elect in the history of our United States who places himself above our laws and refuses to work under the dictates of our US government.

My question is this – why would anyone vote for this man without questioning his whereabouts and past? Why would anyone intentionally allow a stranger in our midst to lead our country?

He could be a terrorist, working with Bin Laden or a communist – none of us know anything about this man! “May God Bless America.”

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As Always, Annie

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