Obama - Slam Dunked by Three

Just a few days ago, Collin Powell made headline news as stating his nod went to the Obama God. What did Collin really say and would it have been a better option to just remain in the sidelines.

Colin didn’t know on the 15th of October which man he would endorse and the Nation knows that Colin and John McCain were not just passing politicians, but good friends. So someone in John’s camp upset Collin Powell and in a childlike manner he changed canoes in midstream.

Who from the Obama camp nabbed Colin and wrote his speech for him – what he said during his endorsement is not what he has stood for all of his mature life. The scary thing is this – whatever tactics were used to sway Colin are being used as we speak on some other unsuspecting human being.

Why do I know there’s something “fishy” in Denmark, because Colin said several things which absolutely were not true – Collin Powell is either getting senile or was hood winked.

First Collin let us know that his endorsement for Obama had nothing to do with ethics – it had everything to do with ethnicity, because the rest of the speech was totally confusing and irrelevant to America’s real issues.

He said his endorsement for Obama was due to who he is???? Also, the fact that he likes Obama’s style – does that mean an eloquent speaker and well dressed man qualifies as a leader of our Nation.

He mentioned John McCain changing – that’s an untruth. John McCain is still John McCain and his country comes first, end of conversation. On the other hand Senator Barack Obama has had more changes on taxation, fuel, economy that “carters got pills.” Such as:

Don’t drill – well, maybe yes drill

Don’t tax 95% of the Americans – well gosh, 40 % of the American population don’t pay taxes. Collin knows this to be a truth – he’s not stupid!

Now, Obama admits that his platform is based on one thing: Spreading the Wealth. Hey, Mr. Obama isn’t God and he doesn’t have to play Robin Hood for any of us. His idea of “Wealth Spreading” will land us into a depression, not a recession.

Secondly – the fact that Collin states he knows Obama well signifies that either Collin doesn’t care about this man’s past or his endorsement is entirely about race. Collin mentions Obama’s knowledge, but doesn’t have anything to back up that statement.

As mentioned earlier someone provoked Collin Powell and its payback time. Isn’t it a shame that Collin would stoop this low to put our Nation and children in danger? But, maybe he had a reason, because he also stated he wouldn’t campaign for Obama – read between the lines America.

Collin Powell a retired U.S. Army general and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff just played the Obama card to help John McCain out.
Collin knows which man can protect us from terrorists, lobbyists and radicals – it isn’t Obama.

Collin knows exactly what Obama’s voting record and status is in the US Senate – he just slam dunked Obama big time.

Obama’s next slam dunk occurred Berg versus Obama and that might friends is one lawsuit that will make National headlines in the near future.

The suit has real meat and potatoes to it and not only alleges that Obama isn’t qualified to be president, but the DNC admits the Democratic National Committee has been promoting Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential election knowing he was ineligible to serve as President of the United States. Follow this information and see the final outcome, just paste Berg v. Obama into your browser.

One more recent Slam Dunk is one Obama would like to hide from William Weld’s endorsement, but Weld much like the energizer bunny just won’t go away. Weld is somewhat in the same category of friends as Ayers, Wright and Acorn and I do believe they’re attached to Senator Obama’s hip.

Obama can’t expect a “pitty party” for his devious actions and many lies – no one is interested in his petty excuses and anyone who turns on their friends at the last minute isn’t exactly the kind of man I had in mind to run our country.

Here’s a quote that is for all of us and it is the one way we can help John McCain and Sarah Palin restore our Nation’s once strong foundation.

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order;to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.

~ Confucius ~

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As Always, Annie

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