John McCain - Our Leader

John McCain is the veteran, the man who returned to his country and assumed his rights, roles and responsibilities. John and Sarah place country first and both realize that with the help of parents, grandparents and responsible citizens we can restore our Nation’s once strong foundation.

Several weeks ago I attended my grandson’s high school football game. Excitement filled the air as parents, grandparents and friends found their seats in the bleachers. If the football team can pull another win out of the hat, they will be in the playoffs (the first time in six years.)

Suddenly I realized the hush that fell over the crown wasn’t about the game, but about a 21 year old man who stood on the field with hat in hand covering his heart. Three years ago, this young man was a track star in our high school and now a veteran with a prosthetic leg.

He is the epitome of one who assumed his rights, roles and responsibilities to keep us safe and to help the less fortunate. The bleachers were packed and heads were bowed in prayer as the announcer spoke about this young hero.

All at once hundreds of men and women on motorcycles circled the field carrying our “Red, White and Blue” flag in honor of this man and their country. Tears flowed as we sang the National Anthem – in my heart, I knew that America still stands as “One Nation Under God.” One young veteran and thousands of strangers were connected by a chain of love.

For those who met him for a few brief moments, he will always be their hero! What an act to follow! Like this young man, parents are heroes too and they will remove the pain from their children’s lives and restore our Nation that is tottering on a weak foundation.

Parenthood is a “God” given gift and no one has the right or authority to tamper with our parents – they are the pulse of America. Remember your childhood, when your imagination and dreams would sweep you off to fantasyland – you were the hero or heroine that saved the day.

A dolly would become a beautiful princess in the blink of an eye or and old broom handle was transformed into a prancing black stallion blowing smoke or whatever out of his nostrils. You were the knight in shinning armor, who saved the maiden in distress or the nurse that healed the sick and doctored the neighborhood stray.

Yep, those were the good old days, when you believed in yourselves and you experienced a distinct warm fuzzy feeling of human worth. The good news is this – there’s still a little hero or heroin hid away in your heart and soul, just waiting to be called to action.

Maybe you haven’t heard the call yet, but look around and listen to your children. They’re yelling and stomping their feet trying to get your attention. Our children are suffering from a pain that is very complex; it’s illusive, difficult to treat and many times misdiagnosed.

They are experiencing an emptiness and a gnawing discomfort which is affecting their minds and bodies. Treatment is superficial, somewhat like a band aide, unless the real problem is identified.

New child psychology, the women’s movement and non parental caregivers (not in any particular order) are three concerns that have spawned excessive psychological and physical damage to our children.

These are the stimuli that have created a portion of this complex pain, but they’re not the cause. With careful examination, you’ll find this complex pain comes from a slow erosion of human values and worth that is causing our country to stumble.

Everyone, not just parents and children have been blindsided! Our leaders suffered too as the new era slowly and relentlessly replaced “morality and spirituality with immorality, self and materialism.

Our government attempted to stay in the middle of the road in a ridiculous effort trying to retain their popularity and position in office. Confusion set in as our they tried to please everyone by being “politically correct,” which was the beginning and the end for most politicians who believed in morals, human worth and values.

It seems like everything converged on us at one time. Overnight we started making adjustments due to modern child psychology, the women’s movement and pressure from the baby boomers.

Just when we were scrambling to keep up with the rapid changes – stage left in tramped the special small interest groups (the meddlers) who always wait to make their moves until we are totally distracted.

Yes, parents were agitated, angry and confused, but the trickle down affect of this era placed parents in a compromising position. The ones behind these movements were strategists and their first order of business was to take the air out of parents and remove parental control.

What better way to bring our Nation to its knees than through our parents and their children! Even if some of our leaders believed in “One Nation Under God,” they were afraid to discuss and retrieve this fundamental right. Don’t let Obama & his gang destroy your children!

Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens are the ones who will have to take time out and restore our country morally and spiritually, but first they must take back their rights, roles and responsibilities.

Parents will be the ones who leave a legacy for our children that has real value and human worth. The past is behind us and we can’t keep dwelling on the past – we must stride forward into the future with the resolve to put discipline and prayer back into our schools and resume parental roles.

Working together one family at a time to put our Nation back on track as one “Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.” Oh yes, it will take effort on our part but what a great feeling it will be to leave our children a truly awesome legacy. Parents, choose the leader who places your children and county first – John McCain.

As John F. Kennedy said, “And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” For those who believe in “God:” he’s still alive and well! How do I know this, I watched as the Republican Convention closed their ceremony with prayer.

Yow, there were a few low blows about the Church card being pulled out and used, but the good thing is regardless of the off the wall responses – prayer did get the attention of the special interest groups. You know, they are most welcome to join us as we put our tottering Nation back on a strong foundation.

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As ALways, Annie