Obama Who

He’s a mirage, a bad Santa in a fancy suit who intends to play Robin Hood; he will stoop low enough to insure that the “Rules of Radicals” (under a disguise) will be taught in your schools. Community service is great, but parents not Obama should decided if community service is a good fit for their children.

He truly thinks he’s some kind of God and he wants to take over your children’s education and add new requirements for the college crowd and last but not least he’ll be in charge of spreading the wealth. Don’t think that’s Robinism – think that’s more like Socialism!

Most prominent people want to share their accomplishments, but not Obama – makes one wonder if there is in fact anything worth discussing. He seems ashamed of his schooling and totally refuses to share his college years with us. His soft shoe attorney shuffle is getting old!

He once stated when asked about his Illinois Senate records that there wasn’t any – wow the only senator in US history without a record during his 8 years in the Illinois Senate. Oops, Senator Obama as an afterthought said he might have thrown them away …

When I checked his website again, it seems that he just can’t quite get the truth out. Yep, it’s true that he and Lugar went to Russia – did I forget to mention Obama went for the shoeshine and Lugar went for the publicity.

Another claim to fame from Obama is his uncanny way of uniting the unions, farmers, auto companies and businesses in general. Come with me and take a gander at his US Senate record.

Let’s see, he voted 90 plus times to raise taxes and he’s bound and determined to smack our corporations, farmers and auto companies with a huge tax increase.

The poor farmers and small business people are non existent to Obama – he just wishes they’d all go away. Take a peek at his voting record in the US Senate.

Voted NO on this one: To protect small businesses, family ranches and farms from the Death Tax by providing a $5 million exemption, a low rate for smaller estates and a maximum rate no higher than 35%. 3/13/08

And yet another No Vote: To protect the family budget from runaway Government spending by increasing the number of Senators necessary to waive the PAYGO Point of Order from 60 to 100. In fact guys, he really hates the middle class, farmers, senior citizens and small businesses.

Speaking of children Barack, weren’t you the one who voted a BIG NO: To increase access to health insurance for low-income children based on actual need, as adjusted for cost-of-living:

One More No from Barack: To codify the unborn child rule. Remember third trimester babies aren’t human beings to Obama.

Hey, here’s a new one on me – his web page says he’s been a leading voice for ethic reforms that would pretty much zap the corruption in Washington. Who is this guy kidding – this is the pot calling the kettle black. Check his voting record, he jumped into the “No” mode every time someone tried to make the government a little more honest and accountable.

Rating 1 to 10 would be something like this for “Obama Who”:

  1. Leadership – zilch no record of real leadership in the Senate
  2. Decision making – he has a real problem here. Obama was usually a “No Show,” which is self explanatory or he took the position of “Present,” which means I really can’t make a decision for my country.
  3. Country First – absolutely not, he hates women, children, farmers, small business and of course the seniors.
  4. Budgeting – never had to learn, he has an unlimited amount of funds from the radicals, lobbyists, special interest groups and some of those foreign guys across the sea.
  5. Character & Reputation – that’s anyone’s guess, he won’t disclose his whereabouts, his employers or his great community services with any of us for the past 15 to 20 years.

So there you are America, it’s your call, your decision and you better believe I know the two mavericks I’ll be voting for come November 4th, 2008. “May God Bless Each and Everyone.”

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As Always, Annie

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