Barack Obama, Jr.

Evidently many Americans don’t realize they’re being sold down the river – and they’re not concerned with all of the illegal money Obama is plopping into his campaign funds?

It will take years for FEC to straighten out this “Obama Mess.” The Presidential Election isn’t a lottery or game show – it’s our one chance to select a “real leader” who will place country first.

John McCain will ruthlessly cut out fictitious government programs, control the earmark frenzy, gradually restore our broken economy and create thousands of jobs as we become fuel independent for the first time in our history.

Did you know:

  1. 2005 the Senate Banking Committee under Republican control set forth a bill that would have prevented much of our economic crisis, because Fannie, Freddie and any other buyers of Subprime and Alt – A mortgages would have been monitored thus preventing their underhand and undercover practices.

Guess what, the bill never passed due to the Democrats – should that surprise anyone? It does and the scuttlebutt produced by (the liberal news media) of course snowed Americans again by blaming the Republicans. Here’s some important facts etched in stone. Paste these addresses into your browser and find out the “real truth.”

Just the Facts: The Administration’s Unheeded Warnings About the Systemic Risk Posed by the GSEs

Or www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/09/20080919-15.html

  1. $ 800,000 to Acorn for some campaign assistance – now Obama (the two-stepping lawyer) attempts to reword the projects that Acorn accomplished for the Senator Obama’s campaign. Instead of major events programming, polling, advanced work – he is doing his lawyer shuffle and telling FEC that he made one more little mistake; he says a new amendment must be created and re-worded.

The new amendment Obama’s creating will state that Acorn was immersed in “get out the votes” projects – will any of us forget the Roman Cathedral created at the Democratic Convention or the recent problems officials are having at the Polls created by Acorn & friends.

  1. Obama says his contributions to CSI of 63,000 and 75,000 from his campaign funds were for advanced work (whatever that means.) Advanced work is just another way of saying, “ it’s none of our business.”

FEC should not accept any revision from Obama concerning this gift he gave to Acorn – instead they need to pin his butt to the wall for a jillion other illegal errors in his campaign funds. He has accepted foreign monies, illegal contributions from Mr. Goodwill and DooDad or whatever and their blatant reluctance to return the illegal monies is totally disgusting.

  1. America is of the opinion that Obama’s friends and business associates aren’t important – in other words the years he spent handing out money to special interest groups and radical groups aren’t significant or relevant. It’s obvious than that a man’s character and reputation doesn’t equate to the man!

  2. What if much of the money funneled to these groups came out of your pocket – would that get your attention? Get online and do a little research! You’ll be shocked how Obama dragged your tax money in the back door and literally threw it out the front to his “buddies.”

  3. Lobbyists are a dime a dozen and around 1968, there were 60 plus lobbyists at the White House and in 2008 we can round that figure off at approximately 34,000 – they control the government, dictate the wording on new laws before they’re passed and you’d better believe the lobbyists have total control over the three branches of government at this time.

Obama and Axelrod say they detest lobbyists or do they? I think they doth protest too much!

  1. Obama’s community service projects and organization like the DPC, Annenberg Challenge, Gamaliel Foundation and many other supposedly religions organizations remain indebted to you and your tax dollars. But, Obama will do the magic hat trick and say these community organizations had money trees!

If Obama gets his way, all charitable organizations will be under government control and your children will become “little Obama Girl & Boy Scouts” doing their community service just to please “Big Daddy.”

Then the new Obama education for all children will kick in along with a disgusting bunch of extreme liberal and radical teachers who will execute the Obama philosophy in our schools, which I say is bordering on brainwashing!Show me a man who’s only weapon is money and radical backing.

Show me a man who hates the middle class more than the “elite.” Show me a man without a past, no real employment history, show me a low C student who was ushered to Harvard by the “gang” and show me a man who was a lousy Illinois and US Senator and I’ll point to Senator Baracka Hussein Obama, jr.

Americans, why can’t you regain your once strong voice and stand up for your children and country? Why are you placing your children in danger’s way? Why are you letting the liberal news media choose the next President of the United States? “May God Bless You.”

“May God Bless America.”As Always, Annie

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