Will the "Real Senator Obama" Please Stand Up

“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”Quote by Thomas Jefferson

What a wise man and so very perceptive – he realized that our government would become vultures due to our lack of attention and personal involvement. For years we’ve complained, criticized and grumbled about our government, but none of us exerted ourselves to stop or correct the problems.

The “voice of America” has been lost in the shuffle of politics and our leaders did become wolves which Thomas refers to as our general nature. In other words, our society has assumed a position of complacency and inattention, not just in government affairs but in our schools, homes and workplace.

We have been programmed to accept changes, good or bad, without voicing our opinions – now as the economy is headed south, we’re alert, attentive and angry, but we’re a day short and a dollar late.

Why are we content to listen to the extreme liberal news media, while they give us “trickle down information” that has been edited, re-edited and enhanced in order to extract a specific response from us?

We’re allowing the News Media to play politics by giving us biased (one sided information) and propaganda. Where’s our voice and where’s the good ole boys and girls who would face the devil himself?

We should be ashamed of ourselves to allow the media to make fun of a young daughter, wife and mother. Why are we so “hell” bent on destroying a person that loves her country and family?

Is it her gender or is it a sadistic example of our freedom to speak? Sarah’s personal laundry has been flaunted across the Nation – she has a special needs infant, an unmarried pregnant teenager and a sister that experienced a very nasty, cruel divorce.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I belief that makes her one of us – she actually is walking in our shoes and knows how we feel. Why has CNN and the late night shows used her as the “laughing stock?”

Why aren’t America citizens concerned with the Democratic President Elects past history? Why don’t they care about his character, reputation and close associates?

Business men and women will be the first to say that character, history and reputation are crucial elements during the hiring process. The screening and interviewing process sifts through the applicants based on past history, work record and qualifications.

This allows an employer to verify past work history, do a background check and compare qualifications with other applicants. Senator Obama’s camp keeps slam dunking us by insinuating that we’re acting inappropriately when we ask for Obama’s work history, past employers, work record and qualifications.

Perfectly example was when we questioned Senator Obama about his affiliation with Ayers and he down played it by saying he was just a little boy, around 8 years old when he met Ayers.

What about his relationship with Ayers in his 30’s and 40’s? Oops, he plumb forgot about that or had a convenient lapse of memory – whatever Mr. Obama, you’re proving to be less than credible in your answers when asked about Ayers, Reverend Wright, Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, Wallis and Tony Campolo?

Would you hire a man or women to run your family affairs without a complete background check, employment history and personal history? Nope, you’d be the first to turn down anyone who can’t provide their past history, because they may endanger you and your family!

So why are people willing to put their country and children’s lives in dangers way? Who is this man that calls himself Baracka Hussein Obama? Who were his employers during his so-called community service? How did a low C student land in Harvard and who bribed who and paid his way?

Why would we want a man who refuses to admit that a living breathing fetus isn’t a human being? What would make you think that this man has any real leadership abilities? Why doesn’t his voting record in the Senate disturb you?

We’re discussing a man that has major problems with his campaign contributions and his fellow Acorns are creating havoc in the Polls and FEC can’t keep up with his shenanigans. This Senator Obama is a character alright and if you quit turning a deaf ear, you’ll learn that his campaign is based on “The Rules of Radicals.”

His theatrical hoop la at the Democratic Convention is a core element of the extremists – that wasn’t Caesar standing between the columns, now was it “King Obama.”

Senator Obama can hip hop from fence post to fence post on fuel, economic relief, world class education and taxes without batting an eye, because “truth” is irrelevant and nonexistent with the radical crowd.

Character will become the most important element of this Presidential Campaign and past history, work record, voting record and personal history are all the character building ingredients. So will the “Real Senator Obama” please stand up?

May God Bless America!

As Always, Annie