Sarah Said "Thanks But No Thanks"

There’s one way to find out about “The Bridge to Nowhere.” Get online and get the facts from the CCAGW (Counsel for Citizens Against Government Waste about this little old bridge.

Sarah Palin certainly wasn’t the one to have her fingers in the pig pot for this bridge and during her campaign for governor of Alaska she questioned the validity of this project – the horrific cost of the “Bridge to Nowhere” was a grave concern and she expressed this publicly.

In fact, the funding for this bridge was back in 2005 way before Sarah’s took over the Governor’s reins. For those who wanted to blog, create politic scandal and merrily make fun of the Alaskan Governor, you will be amazed that the 2006 bill had provisions written into the bill allowing Akaka to make the decision to move forward on this project or stop it! Sarah stopped it!

Sarah Palin’s budget January 2007 didn’t include the “Bridge to Nowhere.” In July of 2007, Sarah stated that a 300 plus billion dollar bridge wasn’t the answer. No, Congress wasn’t concerned with Alaska’s bridge problem and they didn’t veto it, but Sarah Palin said, “No Thanks.”

If you’re wanting the truth, than write a letter to Council For Citizens Against Government Waste, 1301 Connecticut Ave., NW. Suite 400, Washington DC 20036 or call them at 202-467-5300 and better yet go to: [email protected]

Or better yet, call your congressman and ask him or her to send you all of the history on the “Bridge to Nowhere.” In the meantime ask three questions:

  1. When was the bridge funded – get an exact date and the particulars on the funding.
  2. Was Sarah Palin Governor when the work on the Bridge to Nowhere was initiated?
  3. Was it Congress or Sarah Palin that vetoed the bridge?

Nest time little buddies, try getting your ducks in a row before you write fantasy stories or maybe your genre is fiction, if so let Americans know that you’re just writing an editorial or blog for entertainment purpose only.

As Always,