Senator McCain - We Need a Plan

Our last few weeks of the Presidential campaign have gone to pot in a hand basket. John and Sarah need to provide America with a “recovery plan” not a bunch of political promises. America needs to know literally on a daily basis how the “Bail Out” money is being spent, meaning names of the lending institutions and businesses that are receiving the hand out, how much they received, when our loan will be placed back into government hands.

Wonder if these “bad guys” are going to pay us back and if so what is the interest rate they are charged for the loans? Hopefully, these hand outs aren’t free and out of the “Goodness of Our Heart,” because in case Washington didn’t know – we don’t feel charitable or good about having our pocketbooks stripped once again by Democrats and/or Republicans.

It’s apparent that we’re at the mercy of the “Upper Echelon” and we don’t trust anyone at this time. Keeping us in the dark and giving us a bunch of “he said – she said” leads us to believe that there’s something to hide!

The government is playing Obama games – hiding the truth, hiding their associations (close friends and buddies), jumping from one side of the fence to the other, playing “King of the Mountain” with the hopes we’re too busy keeping our bodies afloat to notice what they’re doing on a daily basis.

Like I’ve been mentioning about Mr. Obama – character will be the deciding factor for the Presidential Election. We need to know a man’s history, track record and personal attributes – honesty, integrity, leadership ability are just a few of the things America must know before a President is chosen.

It is apparent that our government’s character has gone south – its track record stinks and it won’t get raving reviews when it comes to integrity, honesty and awesome leadership ability. Like Senator Obama disguise for the past 20 years – we don’t know who our government is, what it stands for and who’s in charge.

It’s America’s right to know how we really got into this economic mess – it certainly can’t be placed on Bush’s shoulders alone! Here’s a news flash from a grandmother of 68 – those despicable men and or women that has placed America in such a crisis need to serve their remaining days in prison.

From the looks of the Democrats, their control the last few years has been much more evil and illusive than President Bush’s blunders. In fact, it looks like the Democrats allowed the economic crisis to happen, so they would have a “shew in” for President.

We can surmise that there’s 93 plus Democrats in Washington who are good American citizens who love their country and they aren’t going to lie down and play dead for Pelosi or Obama. Hopefully, those 93 leaders will do what is right for their country and their children.

John McCain can’t rest on his laurels anymore – he must come forward and lay out our economic plan in black and white. Americans realize now that their buying habits stink and they need to get rid of the plastic, start budgeting and get their house in order. But, we shouldn’t have to manage 2 houses!

Yet, on the other hand we elect Republican and Democrats representatives to keep the government house in order, control spending, budget, control lobbyists and special interest groups and its obvious no one knew what the left hand was doing. Maybe they just didn’t care about parents, grandparents and concerned citizens of the US!

Republicans and Democrats all knew about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, the fuel problem and our lousy health insurance to name a few, so quit back biting and have the guts to step forward in a bipartisan fashion and fix the problems.

If you don’t have real solutions to real problems, just step down and let us get someone who is qualified work for us. Treat your American family like you would your own family – start making wise, honest choices that will place our Nation back on a strong foundation.

Senator McCain has the proven track record, awesome leadership ability and is strong in foreign policy. He loves our country and places our men and women who are fighting to preserve our freedom and keep America safe at the top of his priorities. He’s proven many times that country comes first and he will reach across the table and work in a bi-partisan manner, but he’s left out one very important ingredient to this mix.

Americans needs more than promises and political rhetoric, we are in a “need to know” mode and everyone is forgetting about us – give us a plan on economy, foreign policy, fuel, health and education.

Take us by the hand John and share a plan step by step with us that will get us out of an economic recession and into a recovery mode. Tell us how the fuel problem will be fixed, when drilling will start – who will stand toe to toe with the “oil companies.” John, we need more than a kick back of 5,000 to fix the “health crisis” – here’s a program that’s been broken for years and needless to say it’s not working.

Things we need to know:1. The master plan of recovery for our economic crisis

  1. Who will your Secretary of Treasury and give us the names of your immediate staff when you’re elected President.

  2. How will jobs be created for those who have been laid off?

  3. What are the priorities for foreign policy at this time? What needs to be implemented immediately to address the problems in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and China etc?

  4. How and when will the pork barrel problems be corrected?

  5. Who will be in charge of down -sizing Government programs and eliminating the programs that are redundant and blood suckers?

  6. Who is watching the government leaders spend our “bail out” monies? Government isn’t a favorite word at our kitchen table anymore and our degree of trust for Washington is exactly a minus 10.

Go on National TV and give us your plan, John. Please give us a better explanation about buying up dead mortgages – as once stated we don’t care much for the “bad boys.” Give us more than a vision with idle promises or band aids; give us “real solutions for real problems.”

As Always,Annie