Women Join Sarah - Lets Unite for Family and Country

Women Join Sarah – Lets Unite for Family and Country

She’s a daughter, a wife, a mother and friend to many – she’s one of us and yet there are those who enjoy making her the laughing stock of America. You tube is a perfect example of raw humor at this young governor’s expense.

Saturday Night Live continues to poke fun of the Alaskan Governor and frankly they do it because of ratings and money – to them she’s a hot commodity that is bringing them to life again. That’s what Saturday Night thrives on – is laughs at someone else’s expense.

Madonna comes out of her closet to rip the governor apart and Madonna of all people shouldn’t throw stones or even marshmallows! CNN just lowered their standards another notch as they try desperately to degrade the Republican VP, so their buddy Joe Biden can live happily ever after. There again CNN is all about money and one-sided stories – what happened to old fashioned unbiased journalism?

Thousands of Obama Bloggers have had a hay day with their off color puns and derogatory remarks about this young women and mother – they even sunk so low as to make fun of Sarah and Todd’s precious little “Special Needs’ baby. Baraka Hussein Obama, Jr spent much more energy and time trying to belittle Sarah Palin than on his duties as Senator. Now there’s someone with their priorities on straight! Ha

What could American women be thinking at this time to sit by and allow this atrocity? Maybe you forgot who fought for woman suffrage or the first woman to vote in the US after the 19th amendment was passed – like Sarah they were proud to be an American and wanted to make our country a better place.

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the National Woman Suffrage Association around May of 1869. Lucy Stone fought valiantly to get voting rights for women.

In 1896, the National Association of Colored Women was formed by Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Mary Church Terrell and Anna Julia Cooper. Brave women who believed in their country and fought for their freedoms.

Let me refresh your memory, 5 days after the 19th Amendment was signed in Hannibal, a small town in Missouri, Mrs. Marie Ruoff Byrum cast her ballot. She was the first female to vote in our US and the year was 1920.

We have Hillary Clinton, Dr. Condeezza Rice, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters and the list goes on and on – like Sarah all of these women fought for equal rights for women. Women are still fighting for equal pay in the workplace with hopes in the near future that this dream may come true.

We are talking about daughters, wives and mothers who have withstood the forces against womanhood; women that have contributed unselfishly to make our country a safer and better place. And yet, we are sitting back at Sarah’s expense and exploiting her womanhood in front of God and the World – shame on us.

It’s obvious that we’re out of tune or not marching to the same drummer that these courageous women marched to – our agenda and priorities have become a maize of confusion. We’d rather spend our time belittling a brave young woman, who has accepted the position of Republican VP Elect than to reach out our arms and give her support. Shame on us for such ugly, inexcusable behavior!

Isn’t it funny how CNN and other liberalist news media find this young woman so intriguing – is it her gender or is it jealousy, maybe money? Our country is literally on their knees, in a recession, slipping daily towards a depression and we’re just experiencing the traumatic affect that the “Bail Out or Rescue Plan” is creating.

To all American women, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual preference or marital status – she is one of us and she is our sister. Lets put our energy into something positive that will benefit our country and families.

Americans need to start doing their homework, reviewing our President and VP Elect’s records, remembering that even our laws support “Guilty by Association.” If you are driving the get away car for a bank robbery yet didn’t actually rob the back you can bet the long arm of the law will put you away, yes guilty by association.

It should matter who Baraka Hussein Obama, Jr. has associated himself with throughout his life. Reverend Wright spews hatred weekly that is anti-American and he is proud of it. William Ayers is a confirmed terrorist, claiming responsibility for several bombing here in the United States without one thought or word of remorse, regret or acknowledgement that his hate for American, the place he calls home is completely criminal!

Yes, who the Candidates associate with and their past history is crucial, because it defines their character and certainly speaks to their judgment. Past performance is a great predictor of future performance. Sarah has one of the highest approval ratings as governor in our history –Alaskans are proud of her and knows her as “Sarah.”

Have you taken time to really get to know Sarah – or are you still sitting back enjoying the dirty jokes, lies and puns? Sarah is a daughter, a wife and mother – yes she’s a maverick and no she’s not an insider, nor does she run with the “Elite” crowd.

Country comes first to Sarah and she wants to leave her children and yours a legacy that they can be proud of and get their arms around. As Sarah would say, “Good Night and May God Bless America.”

As Always,