Senator McCain

Please Senator McCain, Roll out your economic plan and give us a step by step version of how it will revolve. First, though help Americans start a healing process by using your ececutive power and being our “watch dog” on the bail out or rescue plan. That’s OUR MONEY, you know!

We deserve to have a weekly accounting posted in headlines and on the Internet. Give us the “real scoop.”

  1. Tell us who is receiving the money, when we will be re imbursed, what the interest rate is, the penalty for default on payment etc.

  2. Don’t allow the Democrats, Republicans, Special Interest Groups or Lobbyists touch our money without hearing our voice first.

  3. Set up a hot line and an email when the weekly accounting is posted – let Americans speak.

None of us are comfortable with the government’s history on the way they spend our money. So, put a stop to the reckless, crooked way that our money has been spent in the past. We really don’t care much about the Wall Street crooks, so don’t even go there if in fact that’s what the Democrats have in mind.

In other words, become one of us – join our team and keep us apprised of Government activities. As you may suspect, not one American out here trusts out Government at this time and until we get our economy, fuel etc. back on track, you may as well realize – we’re on the borderline of hating the US Government activies and propaganda.

Next, as I said give us a plan that we can wrap our arms around, don’t leave us in the dark – now’s the time to name your top cabinet members, divulge your strategy on a strong economic recovery.

Americans understand that our materialistic ways have created some of the problems, now. But, if you give parents, grandparents and concerned citizens some much needed guidelines – I believe we’ll all join your team and do our part.

You know, like ruthlessly get rid of our plastic, quit buying everything our little heart desires, restore our families one family at a time.

As Always, Annie