Democrats - Please Stand Up for America

Will the real Democrats please step forward, America needs you now – many of you have been placed between a rock and a hard place. There’s no doubt you want a Democrat President, but the question is what price will you pay?

Few of you are waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and saying, “that man they call Barack Hussein Obama is an awesome man, a man of integrity, a man who personifies honesty and the man to lead America and insure our children’s safety.

Since America is in a history making mode in 2008, consider stepping forward by placing your country and children first on your list of priorities! A few Democrats obviously know the man we call “Obama,” because he’s the Democratic President Elect, but I don’t believe the majority of Democrats know anymore about this man than we Americans know….

America has a history of complacency and for a short time after 911, we woke up, participated in protecting our country, cared for those in need and showed the love that has made our United States beautiful.

Now we’re placed at the mercy of a bunch of radical politicians who are about to devour us like an appetizer. Bets are on that Osama Bin Laden is celebrating every minute of your Democratic campaign and is making sure that the man called “Obama” has an obscene amount of money for his campaign. FEC is just about to verify the above statement – hopefully before the Presidential Election on November 4, 2008.

For the Democrats that are honest, men and women of integrity – follow Joe Lieberman in his attempt to do the right thing for America. Give Anderson Cooper @ CNN a big hand for following awesome journalism ethics – go to Anderson’s website and read the segment “Obama’s Lying About William Ayers.” Anderson Cooper had the strength and wisdom to expose one of Obama’s many lies – way to go Anderson!

What are Democrats going to do about Berg Versus Obama? Surely, they aren’t going to allow Obama to sweep Berg’s complaint under the rug as is Obama’s way of handling business as usual? Hey, Anderson we need you and Glenn Beck to take this piece of news and run with it.

Don’t sit back and let a few shaky Democrats endanger our country – most of you have already commented that John McCain is honest and a proven leader who works with both parties. Forget the “Political Rhetoric” and make a stand for Americans and their children.

Why would anyone allow this man they call “Obama” win the most important election in our history on here say and false information? He follows the “Rules of Radicals,” listen to his campaign.