Fellow Americans - It's Our Call

It’s Our Call

Fellow Americans, we’re down to the wire on making a wise decision about our next President of the United States. We have exactly two options left at this time: (1) Bury our head in the sand, keep sweeping crap under the rug and let the extreme “Liberal” News Media choose our next leader, or (2) We can do our homework and equip ourselves with the “truth” before we go to the Polls on November 4th, 2008.

Americans certainly are known for their complacency and inability to make wise decisions – we’re a Nation who has willingly leaned towards materialism and concentrated on “self.” We’ve allowed special interest groups to chip away at our rights and we’ve been so beaten up by these groups that we’ve assumed a very precarious passive attitude.

We’re so afraid of stepping on someone’s toes that we say, “Let everyone do whatever they want to do even though it’s harming our families and children.” Prayer has been removed from schools, the Ten Commandments chucked out of the Courthouses, our teachers have been stripped of any authority, our morals stink and now we’re blaming the Government for our present dilemma.

In answer to the above, put prayer back in schools for those who do not wish to pray can twiddle their thumbs or take a potty break. Put the Ten Commandments back into our Courthouses, no one is going to twist someone’s arm and make them read the Commandments. Give our teachers back the control they should be endowed with so they may teach, mentor and discipline our children. For Pete’s sake, lets get a Supreme Court that makes wise and honest decisions for our country – there is a majority of hard working citizens that need to be considered, before the court just arbitrarily hands down another stupid decision.

The subject of morals is a touchy one, but when you think of a society that advocates shacking up, treats divorce like it’s a fashion show – tired of the old outfit, just trade it in for a new model and allows the kids to run the family household, we’ve got more than a little problem. Excuse the ramblings on of a 68 year old grandmother of seven, but I love my children, their children and my fellow Americans!

We want what we want, when we want it regardless of consequences or affect our actions have on our families and country. Look at our plastic debt at this time due to our uncontrolled frenzied spending – the excessive credit card debt is one of the biggest factors leading to “bankruptcy” in the US.

Hey Mr. Biden and son, did you know that credit card companies are responsible for one of the biggest scams in our country – the crafty credit companies slipped in families back doors offering some of the lowest interest rates in history. We took the low interest bate and are in debt up to and including our armpits.

Although Mr. Obama participated in some not so great lobbying adventures for Biden – he still talks out of the other side of his mouth, saying he’s going to attack these special interest groups with all four feet! Here’s another of the famous so called “changes” Mr. Obama is talking about to Americans – only problem is, its after the fact!

It’s human nature to put our screw ups on someone else’s shoulders. We have the nerve to blame our government, the leaders and everyone except ourselves – many statistics by consumer credit counselors show the magic number (14) as the number of credit cards per family.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about our frenzied credit card buying, just copy “The Nilson Report” into your browser and check our uncontrolled buying spree compared to other countries. Now, with a housing crisis we’re in deep “doo doo” because America just forgot to assume parental and consumer responsibilities via of a budget.

We’re faced with a horrific government “bail out” for the shysters who gave unsecured loans to families and these same companies invested in risky stocks, because there wasn’t any security measures in place. So a large part of the financial burden that we will all have to share can be traced directly back to parents, grandparents and all other American citizens, not just the fair haired government leaders.

So choosing a leader to clean up our foolish spending and buying beyond our means is more than a little tricky – it’s like a teenager asking Dad and Mom to lie about their activities and keep than out of jail. The “Dad” we select to lead this country must be able to grasp the big picture and insist that we get a handle on our artificial Gods (Materialism and Self.)

Take a look at Obama – he’s darn sure about change, but is it the change America needs? He voted against against the Amendment for the Foreign Intelligence Security Act, wasn’t exactly interested in protecting his country against terrorists and the “bad guys.”

Voted for a 60 billion increase for the Child’s Health Insurance program and neither Senator Obama or the Democrats had a clue how Americans would pay for this bill. This mind set by the Democrats is what I call “Look good for America.” Obama’s philosophy about watching out for America’s pocketbooks just doesn’t exist.

Our government can’t keep voting for more spending when unless they know where the money is coming from and it darn sure better not be American families – we’ve got our own problems to correct.

Mr. Obama didn’t want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the “Middle Class” and he has nerve enough to say he’s worried about the “Middle Class.” Why should he worry, our taxes are going go up, up, up and he’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

So according to the government online sites, Obama has missed voting over 46 % of the time – is this the man who should be our leader? If he can’t handle his job as Senator, why would one think that he has any real leadership potential at this time?

Then one must check about his ability to budget during his Senate interim – you’ll find Barack is in a run away mode when it comes to budget. Get online and check out his house deal in 2005 and while you’re at it see who his buddy was when he purchased this grandiose “Mansion.” Don’t forget to see what Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden really think about the “piggy pot.”

Remember, Obama’s Jumbo Home Loan in 2005 for 1.3 some million and all of the scuttlebutt about his preferential treatment by his little buddy Northern Trust. Believe the FEC and US Senate Ethics Committee had to be called in on this small purchase by Barack.

Remember the “change” Obama talks about in all of his campaign speeches, he has decided in 2009 he’d get a handle on his pork barrel requests. During 2006 and 2008 he requested over 860 ml. in pork barrel and that folks is a leader, who is responsible and cares about country. Check out VP Elect Biden’s wee pig requests amounting to the tune of over a quarter-billion in fiscal 2009.

America, this Presidential isn’t a beauty contest, nor a lottery – it’s one of the most important decisions you will make for your children and country. Do you want a leader or do you want a follower? One places country first and one spends all of his waking moments sweeping his garbage under the rug.

The Democrats and liberal News Media are armed with brooms, shovels and propaganda – they are afraid to address the real issues honestly, why are they afraid to bring Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s political shenanigans to the forefront?

Doesn’t it occur to anyone how strange it is that all of these people Obama was associated are conveniently relegated to the ancient history shelf. Don’t you want to know more about Acorn, Weathermen Underground and a host of other radical groups who are attached with Senator Obama at the hip?

It’s time to get over the “he said – she said” malarkey – do your homework and see who has the ability to lead our country during this horrible recession. What man has proven leadership abilities? What man has fought for his country and stood toe to toe with Republicans and Democrats? What man places country first?

Words are so cheap, you know and it’s time for Americans to take on the awesome job of restoring our Nation back on its once solid foundation. Our Forefathers gave us an awesome legacy and one of the strongest foundations in all history – “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

Those are our rights, don’t sit back and let anyone continue to chisel away at our foundation – it’s time to get rid of the “Meddlers (special interest groups), Peddlers (Biased News Media) and the crooks in the Government. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it for your children and their children!

As Always, Annie