Birds of a Feather - Barack Hussein Obama

This morning Barack Hussein Obama told the news media about the upcoming debate and among other things he had nerve enough to mention political shenanigans and scare tactics. Mr.Hussein Obama, authored the book on “scare tactics and political shenanigans – just ask Hillary and Bill Clinton about his shady political maneuvers!

Better yet, ask the FEC for an accurate picture of his campaign contributors – heck,even Washington can’t keep up with his quirky changes. Yep, he’s the slight of hand magician, master of “change” but the real story just keeps erupting despite all of his magical moves.

Remember his famous “flip flop” about Ayers, first he tried the little boy of 8 act on for size and than begged Mr. Axelrod to save his butt from the news media. Let me refresh your memory when he was working with Mr. Ayers during the CAC’s so called educational program?

CAC is the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and before you know it Mr. Obama’s records will come forth showing that Mr. Ayers founded CAC and that Senator Obama was appointed board chairperson (by the way this was many moons after his 8th year here on earth).

It seems Mr. Ayers appointed Senator Obama to take the many millions that Mr. Ayers had received from a yearly educational grant and hand it out to extremist groups, whose job in turn was to teach and train the children the Obama philosophy. Mr. Obama, if you don’t agree with this recorded version of the story – please step forward with the names of all of the groups that received these monies.

Obama and friends put a damper or lid on the CAC educational program and records were not released as promised. So we’re in a wait and see mode, which is Obama’s style and way of controlling the public and news media.

When these records are released, it will reveal the years that Obama and Mr. Ayers worked together. I’m sure Senator Obama remembers Mr. Ayers and his wife having a “meet and greet” party to start him on his political campaign?

His Democratic camp is trying to hide this little, but very important story by sayingSenator Obama and Mr. Ayers live in the same neighborhood and their kids sort of know each other – wow, Mr. Obama is anything but a class act!

Senator Obama, I realize you’re a poor secretary, but stupid you aren’t and America will soon find out that you and Ayers have had a long, lasting relationship, just like your 20 year internship with Reverend Jeremiah Wrights. My guess is without the Reverend Wright and a few other so called friends, you might still be standing outside the Harvard gates.

Barak Hussein Obama, you’re the one who refuses to call a live breathing fetus a human being – your policy is to leave the baby untouched without medical care until it gives a last gasp in it’s struggle to live. You’re the one who voted against the bill to have a second medical doctor available to care for these tiny little human beings.

When Glenn Beck on CNN interviewed David Freddosa, didn’t he say something about placing the babies in a closet until they succumbed to death? Just a little baby and old piece of blanket, I think that’s about as close to a pre meditated act of violence as one can get!

In fact, every parent, grandparent and concerned citizen should read David’s book – “The Case Agains Barack Obama” it does more than open your eyes and hopefully you have a strong stomach, because some of the book is very graphic.

Don’t take David’s word for anything – check out Obama’s voting record and see how he voted concerning the care of a little breathing human being. Learn how Madelene Talbot and Hussein Obama became bosom buddies when working with the Acorn group.

Acccording to Obama, on the night of the debate, he’s going to talk on economy, wow that means he’ll talk about strengthening the middle class and just what does that mean, Hussein?

Mr. Obama, you’re the one who voted against extending the Bush tax cuts for the “middle class” and aren’t you the Senator one who refused to vote exactly 132 times on America’s important economic?

In fact, I believe you had guts enough to do one of two things; (1) Conveniently by pass voting by being a ”No Show”, or (2) Use the little “present” voting tool as a way to weasel out of supporting your fellow Americans. The “no show” and “present” scam equated to 130 times that you refused to vote and support Middle America.

Your strategy of straddling the fence is obvious and doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of your leadership abilities. Don’t you think many fellow Americans are starting to smell a “rat in the icebox” before they open the door.

Barack Hussein Obama had the “guts” to say he’d get the credit markets to settle down – now that would be amazing when Hussein Obama and his buddies gorged on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac like it was their “last supper.”

So Senator Obama, it’s business as usual, – let’s walk down memory lane together for a few minutes and check your turf out, which frankly is more than a little scary.

Your money machines, I believe are what we Americans called extremists and radicals, your inability to produce any viable information about the 20 plus years that you worked as an “indentured” servant with Reverend Jeremiah Wright will not remain a mystery forever or will it be relegated to the ancient History shelves. Reverend Wright has a surprise for you Barack Hussein Obama and it isn’t a birthday present.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, you sported a low “C” average I believe and than a group of sympathetic bystanders mysteriously plopped you down in Harvard’s back yard – its clear there’s some pretty big pieces to the Obama puzzle missing, but before its over some person or persons, who loves their country will step forward with the crucial info that we’re anxiously waiting on…

Let’s get real here – answer a few plain and simple questions that Americans need to know:1. Did you really expect your fellow countrymen to buy your statement about your inability to maintain records in the Illinois Senate?2. Why don’t you explain what a third trimester “fetus” really is Hussein, remember we’re discussing a living breathing human being?3. What would the middle class Americans (which I’m one of) really think when they see your voting record that affected the college crowd, the small businesses, the families and children of our country.
4. Why don’t you explain the difference in leading and dumping on your fellow Americans?5. Why are you hiding Michelle Obama from public eye – could it be she would blow your campaign clear out of the water?

Easy come, easy go Mr. Obama – America hasn’t heard the end of the story yet. We’ll revisit some of your buddies like Oprah Winfrey, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Raines, Jim Johnson, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and yes, Senator Barack Hussein Obama your laundry list just keeps growing. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

As always, Annie