Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein has been on a long leave of absence for over 20 years, or maybe he suffers from amnesia or early Alzheimers and yet America is willing to gamble on a “dark horse” an “unknown” as President of our United States.

This man’s cup is empty, his life a mystery and the Liberal News Media are scrambling to hide his many secrets, because they are determined to play politics and spend millions of dollars to get this man in the Presidential seat.

CNN should hide their head in shame, because their news is not just biased and laced with propaganda – it shows their allegiance isn’t for their country, their children or children’s children, but for a man whose core values are radical and so extreme that many liberals are rejecting Barack Hussein Obama.

Real men are proud to share their accomplishments, goals and dreams – others show shame by refusing to discuss their past. Barack Hussein obviously is a man with a dark past – he’s ashamed and frightened that his so-called friends will expose him, before November 4th, 2008.

It seems Hussein spends his waking hours trying to run from his Columbia and Harvard days, his community service, his Senate voting record, his campaign problems and his closest friends.

Well, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama can run, but he can’t hide. Fox, Newsmax, Hometown, Red State and many, many more journalists, political commentators and concerned Americans will spend every waking hour of each day prior to 10/04/08 telling voters about this Democratic President Elect.

The story that will be shared with Americans will be “non fiction” and like a puzzle with missing pieces, his whole life story will be retrieved piece by piece for all to see. This isn’t a matter of politics – it’s a matter of life, our life and what will happen if this man becomes the next President of the United States.

These Americans who love their country will give you facts, the “real truth,” and the necessary tools for you to discover who Barack Hussein Obama really is and what he’s been doing for 20 plus years.

Hillary Clinton knows that Obama plays dirty, refuses to listen to FEC, refuses to produce Senate records (as requested) and has unlimited funds behind him. As a grandmother, I pray Hillary and Bill Clinton will step forward and do the right thing before the election.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright will definitely have a surprise for Hussein very soon, because no one has a right to step on Wright’s toes and defame him in front of the world. Jeremiah will no doubt do the “Wright” thing whatever that may be…

The Acorn group, Weathermen underground and many other “radical” groups are getting tired of Hussein’s reluctance to support them and exhibit true leadership abilities – they didn’t spend all of their money, time and support for naught and they won’t let Barack Obama destroy them. Before November 4th, some of these people will step forward!

Americans do your homework, find out who this man really is, what he stands for and what his plans are for you and your families. This isn’t about “crappy politics” as usual this is about a devious, self centered individual that wants to place his fellow Americans in dangers way.

As Always, Annie