Congrats to FOX - Way to go

Tonight was a first for Americans, FOX steps forward with information that has been withheld for years from the public. We should join FOX and keep concentrating on this man who “flip flops” at every street corner.

Change is his middle name as he’s proven time and time again. His political platform changes more often than most people change their underwear. He’s dangerous and more than a little scary.

How could Americans honestly vote for a man whose history is so questionable – no real leadership record, radical philosophies, refuses to provide pertinent information as Illinois Senator and won’t discuss who is employers were during his so-call community service.

Barack denounces his radical friends, employers and backers to America and expects us to believe that his association with the “radicals” was just a casual relationship. Does he think working hand and hand with Acorn and the Weathermen underground is casual? It appears that the “radicals” own Mr. Barack Obama and control his every word and move!

As Barack stated, Reverend Wright is like family (like a grandmother, wow) and they’ve been attached at the hip for 20 plus years. Wright was his pastor, mentor and idol for all of those years and Obama dumps him when the “kitchen gets too hot!” Mr. Barack Obama has been groomed for this Presidential position by the “bad guys” for years and Americans better wake up before it’s too late.

Possibly Reverend Jeremiah Wright is on the verge of exposing Obama and needs some help from bloggers and the news media – hey, Fox give him an interview. Wright is prepared to talk and wants all of America to hear what he has to say and is looking for a way to pay Obama back for his blatant denial about their relationship.

If Wright were asked, who really groomed and mentored Obama – he’ll raise his hand, if he’s asked how long they were attached at the hip (he’d love to answer.) Wright needs a little boost and with our help, he’ll be Obama’s worst nightmare.

From a 68 year old grandmother of seven, who loves her country, children and grandchildren. Thanks again for what you do…

As always, Annie