Sarah Is the Voice of America

Sarah – Is the Voice of America

What we’re about to witness on Thursday night may well be the debate of the century – is it a VP debate or is it the debate that will determine which man is our next president?

The news media, commentators, special interest groups and lobbyists have utilized their energy and time making fun of Sarah Palin; they’ve avoided the real news, the real truths and they’ve over all had a “hay day.”

It’s been insinuated that Sarah is in hiding, that the McCain Camp have put her under lock and key, but Thursday is when America will see the real Sarah Palin – she will stand up in case anyone is worried!

Senator Obama’s camp have received their marching orders from Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Wade; Mr. Obama and Mr. Bidden now understand that political daggers and blunders must cease before Thursday the 2nd 2008.

Notice how quiet Mr. Obama is about the Republican VP and how he refrains from punching below the belt – there is a reason for this and we’re all about to experience it at the debate.

Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Wade have announced publicly that Sarah Palin is a candidate to be treated with respect. They realized all at once that Sarah is the voice of America – she’s a wife, mother and strong supporter of her fellow Americans.

Sarah has a teenage daughter that is pregnant, and a special needs little boy, a hard working husband and she knows the struggles that we experience on the home front. Sarah doesn’t just idly say, “I know how you feel” – she walks in our shoes, worries about her children’s education, her children’s safety and lives ever day striving to make our country a better place for America’s children and their children..

When Senator Obama’s chief strategist says Sarah should be treated with the respect that she has earned – this is a signal to the Mr. Obama and his Democratic Camp to walk away from politics(as usual) and get real.

Mr. Axelrod knows Sarah’s accomplishment and realizes she doesn’t want to be peg as an insider. He realizes that country comes first to this young “maverick.”

It’s very easy to review Alaska’s budget as established by Governor Palin and team; you’ll find no hidden agendas but a group of dedicated Alaskans that want to be a part of positive change for their state. Sarah and her team have accomplished more than most governors in their lifetime.

Sarah – the real voice of America! Good luck at the debate and please Sarah, say in your own words what you and the other “Maverick” can do for your country and fellow Americans.

As Always, Annie