Change Change Change Mr. Obama

It appears that there’s definitely a “rat” in America’s Icebox or should I redefine that to “rats” in the icebox. America has once again slumped into a mode of complacency by letting the News Media, special interest groups, lobbyists and “bad guys” make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Americans are using their lack of time, as a reason for bad decisions or no decisions. We can be sure if we continue in this mode the cookie will not only crumble, but disintegrate at their feet.

Just remember when you’re watching news, “what you see – isn’t necessarily what you get!” The Presidential Campaign shouldn’t be categorized as a lottery – don’t play the numbers this time or dream or fantasize.

Sitting back doing nothing isn’t a feasible answer, it’s time to do our homework, quit buying gossip, and relentlessly find the real fact and the real story. Speaking of stories, this grandmother has one to tell!

Presidential Elections are being controlled by a select group of people, whose priorities have gone south – the News Media should not just be ashamed of their activities, they should realize that their inability to tell the “real story” will harm the American populace.

If they want to be true leaders and be an intricate part of working America, than they need to get over their political, power driven activities. The media needs to relinquish their bashing pedestals and spend their time telling us where Senator Obama came from, who’s financing him, who is really grooming him and programming him for the position of America’s leader.

Get off the adrenalin kick that McCain and Palin are naïve, unintelligent people who can’t go to the potty without assistance. Get over the jealous Palin and McCain rage – take time to get to know these two candidates, really know them. Chuck the political gossip out the door and help America make one of the biggest and most important decisions of their lifetime.

Why is CNN haphazardly trying to cram Obama down our throats – it isn’t conviction or honesty on their part, it has to do with money once again and America has had their fill of everyone’s political escapade. Theatrics isn’t in for 2008!

Talk to us about Senator Obama and address the many crucial issues that he and his camp keep throwing under the rugs. Where did this supposedly “lowly” man from a poverty stricken family gain his wealth during his hazy tour as a community leader? When, where and how did he acquire an astronomical amount of monies? He doesn’t exactly live in a shack, you know!

Why did he spend years under the guidance and influence of Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes and Rev. Wright and than make a feeble, last minute attempt to ditch them when he realized America was starting to question his activities. Why wouldn’t America have questions when he seemed to be attached at the hip with activists like Wallis and Tony Campolo?

How did a poor boy that was barely known at Columbia University make the awesome jump to “Harvard?” Where did he really go and who was lining his pockets with gold when he kissed Harvard good bye?

Maybe he actually lived the American dream and accumulated his wealth from hard work – I don’t think so, because he’s shoved the real story under the rug again. If he has nothing to hide than why does he keep trying to sell us all a pot full of garbage?

Who were his bosses during his community service? Who paid his way to Harvard? Who groomed him for his wantiby President of the US – in other words will the real Obama please stand up?

When his records got lost from the State Senate – he tried to pawn this off to America due to his inability to keep books and files. Hey, this is an attorney, a Harvard graduate and he wants us to swallow this story?

Obama’s got one thing right – that is his uncanny ability to “change.” He flips flops around from issue to issue and the News Media gives us one more overdose of propaganda and biased information. Where has your professionalism and sense of allegiance to your country gone? Think about this…

Did Mr. Obama have another lapse in memory? When Hillary and many others questioned his record, he weaseled out of the predicament by suggesting a lowly state senator doesn’t really have a schedule and that’s why all of his great works can’t be found.

Than, his temper overtook him and we hear a trite remark that he wasn’t planning on creating the Barack Obama State Senate Library. “Those are pretty incriminating by a man who keeps referring to his past record.” Obama has his little State Senate Library stashed somewhere – you can fool the people some of the time Mr. Obama, but not all of the time.

His next strategy was to insist that Hillary come forward with her records, but Mr. Obama not only refused to let America see his records – he mumbled something about them being lost, or does he mean shredded – considering his absenteeism during his tour in the Illinois Senate, one must wonder when the leadership abilities and strengths kicked in….

Nope it wasn’t during his tour in the US SENATE either – he continued trying to snow everyone by resting on his laurels and abilities to deliver eloquent speeches plum full of rhetoric.

He was usually a no-show in the senate or he just loved the “present” system which basically said, I’m here, but to save my fanny I can’t make a decision and vote.”

So he did the usual – just straddled the fence in an attempt to keep his record “lily white.” That didn’t work very well – check his record while he served in the US SENATE.

By the way, Hillary Clinton has a huge file stored at the National archives – of course Hillary would have more, but can you really believe that Senator Obama wouldn’t have any after serving all those years in the Illinois Senate?

So now we’ve progressed to a point in this story that shows that one thing in his campaign is true “CHANGE.” No one in history during a Presidential Campaign has “Changed” so erratically.

Who is this man touting leadership abilities, pretending to care about Americans, the lower class, the American Indian, the Hispanic etc. – please refer to his voting record during his interim as Illinois Senator and US Senator. This man has left an obvious paper trail, if you’ll but follow it!

One more trail he’s swept under the rug one again is his campaign money – his buddies mastered the Internet system and there have been many discrepancies in his record keeping here too! If some intelligent Americans take time out before the election to investigate this situation – I predict America will be in for one more “Obama Shock Wave!” Change, Change, Change Senator Obama…

Change in alliance to friends, actually sits on the fence waiting to see the outcome of the “Bail Out,” changes his position on abortion, changes his ideas on foreign policy, changes his idea on taxes and probably will want Hillary and Bill to bail him out after the VP Debate. But, what’s one more change among friends?

You’d better bet in a few days, you’re going to see Obama make some more drastic changes. 93 Democrats didn’t jump on Obama, Pelosi and Dean bandwagon – that tells us the whole story about Obama politics in Washington. Many of our fellow American men and women holding office are starting to live John McCain’s mission statement – “COUNTRY COMES FIRST.”

Give me a real man or woman who can admit if a mistake has been made, places “Country” first and does whatever it takes to restore America to a solid foundation even if it jeopardizes his or her campaign.

Those who have spent all of their time bashing Sarah Palin need to look take a long hard look at Joe Bidden – now there’s a man of many words and very few positive actions.

Do you really think Joe places country first? Sarah is one of us and has shown the world that she cares about America – quit buying the media crap and see what Sarah accomplished as Governor of Alaska.

In closing, America can sit back on their haunches, bury their heads in the sand or be responsible enough to search out the truth, the whole story about our President and VP Elects.

We are responsible for many of the problems – it’s not just our government. Our inability to budget, our credit card frenzy, debt and concentration on materialism has to be considered too! As a country, we can change and restore our Nation – one individual at a time.

As Always,Annie