Calling All McCain & Palin BLoggers

I think we have a “rat” in our midst and it is going to require a community effort to get our ducks in a row. I have been researching B. Obama’s past history and finding problems with his campaign funds, lost public records in Illinois and the list goes on —

Maybe we could pick one day, one time and all of us step forward with information that will get Americans attention. Here is a man, with a record of undesirable friends, connections out of the country that are more than a little suspicious, no leadership abilities to speak of, tremendous amount of money behind him. This is more than a little scary and if anyone checks his voting record, they’ll realize that he displays no ability for real leadership.

Think we need to insist that his campaign funds be frozen until such time as they have been checked thoroughly. His millions from the under middle class of 200 dinero or less isn’t even possible. These people aren’t about to contribute to him, because they need that money for rent and their next meal.

So if anyone is interested, lets get someone to get us organized and plaster Mr. Obama’s history all over the “Net.” I’m a relatively nobody, but some of you have great blogs and access to the different News Media. Together, we can make a difference – lets be professional and use only the truth and facts that can be verified.

Together, McCain’s bloggers could be an awesome force!

My email is [email protected] – tel. 480-862-9404 and I’m available all the time or anytime to get this plan organized.

As Always, Annie