Cafferty Is Getting Edgy

Cafferty is on his soapbox again jabbing and jeering at Sarah, hey Jack Sarah wants all the things that Americans want out here in the real world. Basically she said the “bail out” must benefit Americans and must include tax relief, trade opportunities, improve health care, shore up the economy; she flat doesn’t agree that the shysters should live happily ever after. Guess you don’t like her glasses, outstanding personality or is it the feminine part you hate?

As you said, Jack you a 65 year man who likes to hear himself talk; surely you have something better to give your country than a woman bashing on National TV. Mr. Cafferty doesn’t like Sarah and he’s not really worried about her becoming President – he’s afraid that the Thursday night debate with our VP Elects will expose the Democrats weak platform, because Biden may just let the cat out of the bag.

Maybe he should get a life, return to old fashioned journalism, quit politicking and get back to the basics – just give America the real story without bias, prejudice or propaganda. An intelligent man like yourself could quit playing politics and return to the “real story,” the truth would be nice for a change, Jack.

Sarah Palin looks forward to the debate Thursday night with Senator Bidden. Before you jump on your couch to listen to one of the “biggest” debates in our history, check Sarah’s political record out for yourself.

The “Bridge to Nowhere” was passed in 2005 and Biden and Obama voted for it – Sarah wasn’t even running for Governor yet. Sarah did make an executive decision and said, “No thank you” on the Bridge to Nowhere.

If you’re wanting the truth, than write a letter to Council For Citizens Against Government Waste, 1301 Connecticut Ave., NW. Suite 400, Washington DC 20036 or call them at 202-467-5300 and better yet go to: [email protected] request a copy of the entire history on the bridge.

On Monegan – she appointed him and had the right to dismiss him; he was unable to work within a reasonable budget (liked the good life to much), so he sneaked behind his superior’s back and asked Washington for more money.

Hey, this is very much a parallel to the Obama Camp – they didn’t exactly go behind closed doors to remove Hillary; they just smacked her hands and gave her a new job description. Oh well, it’s okay if Obama makes a smart political move or was it?

She does have a pregnant teen age daughter, so does 750,000 other families; Sarah and Todd will continue loving and supporting this young teenage girl.

Let’s put all the “crap’ to rest about her lack of experience – go to adn.com | alaska : Palin cuts $231 million from capital budget and you’ll find out that this Alaskan Governor understand the importance of working for Americans and her country.

Steve Quinn from The Associated Press covered Sarah Palin’s press conference when she unveiled the new budget. She cut 231 million from the Capital Budget – looks like the “Mavericks” can clean up Washington. Because a good leader has to have a great track record! Palin said at a news conference in her Anchorage office that the cuts should send a message to lawmakers for next year’s budget considerations. “We need to live within our means,” Palin said. “Even though we have a surplus, that doesn’t warrant a spending spree on an unlimited credit card. Now is the time to save for the future.” Reported by: Steve Quinn, The Associated Press, Published June 29, 2007. Modified June 30, 2007.For weeks the Democratic have dropped bombs on the Presidential VP elect and now Mr. Axelrod (Obama’s Chief Strategist) is one of the first to say that Sarah Palin is very capable and a skilled politician. Mr. Wade (Biden spokesperson) called Sarah a”leviathan of forensics” and included that she has a history of being unbeaten in debates.

Axelrod, although attached at the hip with Senator Obama approaches Sarah Palin as one who is a tough adversary. He knows she won her Governship of Alaska against mighty opponents – his strategy is to treat Sarah with the respect she deserves.

Two of Senator Obama’s strongest allies have their work cut out for them and they know it. Sarah isn’t going to go away and she will be anxiously awaiting her debate with Joe Biden. In fact they’ve taken Senator Biden far far away to be prepped – wonder if that includes tape?

Isn’t it funny that with all the bashing, ugly humor and cut throat tactics used against Sarah Obama that the Democratic Camp are shaking in their shoes about the VP debate this week. Mr. Axelrod and Mr.Wade realize that “playing politics” isn’t going to cut it in the last hour with Sarah.

Senator McCain would be wise if he quit trying to teach Sarah the art of politics – she isn’t a politician, doesn’t want that job and is happy not being an insider in Washington. America needs real people like Sarah to step in and clean up the special interest groups, lobbyists and the “bad guys.”

She’s real, authentic and an awesome asset to McCain’s camp and she doesn’t need to be pre programmed – she loves her country, her family and has the executive expertise that our government needs at this time. Way to go Sarah – see you Thursday night at the VP Debate.

As Always, Annie