Whoa Senator Obama

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Senator Obama’s leadership ability is minus 10. He can’t even take time out to help his Democratic Party or fellow Americans during this economic slump. His buddies are praising him for his support and gibberish about bipartisanship, but 93 fellow Democrats stood up today and said, “No” to Pelosi and Obama. Way to go Democrats!

What’s Senator Obama doing as we speak, he’s twisting and turning the economic crisis into another political farce – Americans will soon come to their senses when they see how many Democrats aren’t playing Obama games anymore.

His plan is to make the “Bad Guys” pay up and to knock our investors to their knees by raising their taxes and than have the terrorists sit down at his table for a little ”din din” and a couple of sodas. Do we really want our President playing house with the terrorists or abusing our investors at this time?

Besides, Mr. Obama most of the “Bad Guys” are going to go down in the next few months and won’t have the dinero to line the deep government pockets. Our investors don’t have to lay around and let you beat on them – there’s other countries that would love their money. The terrorists know which side of the bread their butter is on and they never turn down a free dinner.

Where does America think Senator Obama is going to get the money to finance all his dreams and whims? Lets get real here – there’s only one place to go for the kind of money! He had his chance in the Senate to make a real difference, but he was too busy dreaming of playing house in the “White House.”

Mr. Obama voted against strengthening the earmark reform 1/11/07. Voted “Nay” on improving access to affordable healthcare. “No” on making permanent certain education-related tax incentives. Senator Obama didn’t want to increase the minimum for States under the State Homeland Security Grant Program. Didn’t think Congress should be allowed to take a peek at “wasteful spending. His voting record, you’ll discover is somewhat like Enron’s accounting!

One more bill that speaks a thousand word is this one. He voted “Nay” To extend the 35, 33, 28,and 25 percent income tax rate structure and protect nearly 28,000,000 and individuals, including small business owners, from having their taxes increase to 39.6, 36, 31 or 28 percent.

By checking the senator’s voting record, you will discover that education, the middle class, our security, our troops and keeping the government honest didn’t seem to be any of Mr. Obama’s concerns. While you’re doing your homework, check on the Democratic Senate’s voting record the past several years.

Listen to him now as he prances around talking to Americans about his heart felt concern for little ole us! If he couldn’t assume his responsibilities as a Senator, why would we give him a second chance at leading our country?

A world class education for our children sounds awesome, but Mr. Obama doesn’t have a clue how to implement this program, nor does he have any inkling where the money will come from for our children’s world class education.

Health insurance for all is a hazy subject with Senator Obama and he’s having as much problem addressing this problem as Hillary Clinton did when she assured Americans that she had the perfect health plan in the works.

When Senator Obama was faced with the real issues during his short stay in the Senate, he was repeatedly a no-show when it was time to vote. One must wonder where this boy wonder came from for his ability to lead the Democratic Party is looking pretty bleak.

The big three, Pelosi, Obama and Dean have totally confused their own party in their “Bail Out” blunders. Seems to me around 93 Democrats voted no on this bill as they tried a slam dunk again – Democrats against Americans!”

“Indecision” seems to be a “kissin cousin” with Senator Obama and team; it appears to be raising its ugly head once again – how many more changes will the Democrats try to sweep under the rug for their Presidential Candidate? “Indecision” seems to be running rampant in the Democratic Camp – could it be the result of weak leadership or no legitimate platform?

Don’t drill – drill tax – don’t tax

wire taping no – well maybe yes

Immediate withdrawal from Iraq – well uuh, uhh maybe, maybe not

Invite the “bad boys” to his house for chocolate milk without any pre conditions – Henry Kissinger changed his mind on that “Blooper.”

Trouble with the trade issue – plenty of time to figure that out later

Fund Religious Organization – maybe or maybe not (not sure about this one)

Vote in the Senate – no vote, safer to be a “no show” (Keep Americans in limbo)

Proud of his preacher friend like family, mentor, close friend – changed his mind decided to ditch preach because the kitchen was getting too hot

Don’t use Hillary or Bill – well maybe use Hillary & Bill

Use Michelle – better not use Michelle (just keep her busy shopping)Help with the bail out – maybe campaigning is more important (just stay in touch by phone).

Tread lightly with America on the “bail out” – straddling the fence is the safest

Blame John McCain for the Democrats blunders and greediness while “Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac” executives laughed all the way to the bank and the story goes that they lined Senator Obama’s pockets with gold – wrong again Senator.

Blame the Republicans for the “recession” – Mr. Obama what if the News Media put the Senates voting record on National TV for the past few years? There’s no doubt the Republicans helped, but the Democrats massacred us!

Why did your dear friend “Bill Clinton” refer to Senator McCain as “great” and he couldn’t spit out the word “great” when talking about you…

Seems that Bill described you as one who “saw and imagined,” don’t think seeing or imagining qualifies you for leading. I have a little 3 year old grandson, who spends his waking hours seeing and imagining.

Even Bill Clinton isn’t ready to jump on your band wagon with open arms. He will do whatever is necessary to keep his Senator Clinton in good standing with the Democratic Party, but the “buck stops there!”

America – it’s time to check out voting records, check out background of both President Elects, verify who has been leading and who has been following. If you’re strictly depending on CNN for the real story, it’s not going to happen!

They admit that their polls were biased and they gush with prejudice, bias and re edited news – none of our news media should be our voice or decide who our next President will be in 2008. CNN isn’t the only media with major problems – we have us an epidemic! America has the ability to think for themselves and hopefully make a wise choice when it comes to our next President.

To all those journalists, columnists and editors that want to campaign for their party – take a leave of absence or do it after hours, but not on America’s time. We deserve the whole story from start to finish and we deserve the “truth.”

As Always, Annie