McCain Leads - Obama Changes

McCain Leads – Obama Changes

Did Senator Obiden throw too many grenades during his campaign speeches?

General Colin Powell, A great man and leader defined a leader in this way….”Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.”

Senator Obama doesn’t fit this mold because his ability to simplify doesn’t exist and his solutions are dependent on the American people to pull a rabbit out of the hat. He believes we’ve been slouching, need to work harder and share more of our money and time. Mr. Obama, you just don’t get it – there isn’t a rabbit and we’re struggling 24/7 to keep afloat.

Latest on the rumor mill . . . Democrats may just show Americans one more change – this isn’t etched in stone, but it’s evident that something new is a brew in the Democratic Camp. Stay tuned to all the major news stations because this may make headlines, if in fact it occurs.

Biden is in over his head with his campaign speeches and some very prominent Democrats along with professional women, single mothers and concerned citizens are quietly pitching their tent in Senator McCain’s Camp.

Even Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Wade are more than a little concerned about the VP debate – they see Sarah Palin as a skilled opponent and strategist. Both of these men feel Sarah has saved the best to last and they’re warning Senator Biden that his plate is on overload at this time.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a very powerful lady has transitioned from the Democratic camp to support Senator McCain. Lynn was one of the most powerful Hillary Rodham Clinton fundraisers and left her party due to the “Big Three,” Obama, Pelosi and Dean.

Will Senator Obama make one more change as he pounds the campaign trail? Will Hillary step into Biden’s shoes after the VP debate October 2, 2008? It’s becoming very apparent that Senator Obama’s camp is struggling with the VP choice – will they force Senator Obama’s hand?

If this occurs, we must accept this “political move” at face value. It would appear that Senator Clinton, like Senator Obama are still struggling with the Republican VP nominee (Sarah Palin.) Hillary and Bill will do whatever is necessary to insure that Hillary will run for President once again in 2012.

  1. “Change” is the keyword in the Democratic Camp and their idea of change doesn’t have anything to do with their country and Americans.

  2. Senator Obama can’t get his Democratic Platform stabilized, because someone forgot the rails and they keep jumping from one track to the other in their campaign speeches.

  3. Professional women, stay at home mothers and many who were undecided are leaning heavily toward the two “mavericks.” Americans are becoming uneasy with a party that changes their position as often as they change their underwear.

  4. Senator Obama smeared Hillary Clinton in his campaign for Democratic Presidential Candidate and now in a last ditch effort to “win” and I’m using that term loosely, he is begging Hillary and Bill to save his fanny!

  5. Will they use Hillary Rodham Clinton one more time until Election day rolls around?

The VP debate this week is crucial and the outcome will determine the next moves of each party. What heads will the Democrats roll? Will the big three keep Biden under wraps or replace him? What is Bill and Hillary’s next move? Did Sarah just sit back and quietly play chess with the News Media, Democrats and cut throats?

We’ll know all of these answers this week!

As always, Annie