Shame on CNN

CNN should be ashamed of the way they are following the Presidential Campaign. They blatantly present the Democratic propaganda and even have the nerve to publish polls that were primarily Democratic participants. Why would they feel committed to conduct such a childish poll?

It’s apparent that the “big dogs” at CNN have their hands in the hip pocket of the Democratic camp and that in itself makes one believe that there’s more at stake for CNN than a few minutes of artificial glory.

Without a doubt CNN has some of the Nation’s best journalists and commentators, but the sad thing is they’re under lock and key. If this group of professionals would stand toe to toe with management and get a few things ironed out – Americans could count on them for the “Real Story.”

  1. A good journalist has the capabilities of tell the whole story without showing prejudice.
  2. CNN refuses to let their employees come forward with both sides of the story – their news is edited, re edited and regurgitated before reaching Americans.
  3. CNN doesn’t have the right to lobby for Obama any more than Mc Cain.
  4. This is a most desperate time in our Nation’s history and CNN isn’t scoring many brownie points at this time.

Quit jumping on Obama’s bandwagon and spreading gossip – go and check his record during his interim in the Senate and you’ll find a man who straddles the fence, a no-show and one who can’t speak unless programmed. Now, this is an example of the real truth – find out for yourself and learn to speak the “truth.”

Anyone who listened intently to the debate last night saw many differences in the two men. One leads – the other follows! Need I say more?

As Always, Annie