Thrown Under the Bus Again

Under the Bus Again?

Thank goodness, John McCain cares about his country and refuses to listen to a fallen Republican and Democratic government – those who are spending all their idle time pointing a finger at this great man might consider joining him and being a part of the group who will restore our Nation.

The Republicans and the Democratics have placed the welfare of our country in jeopardy, but the government is under the control of the Democrats at this time. We need an unbiased group of economists and statisticians to go to the White House and give our Government the options available that will prevent a “Depression.”

Here we go again – our government has been caught with their pants down and there’s more than blisters on their fannies. If we were but to check one thing, it should be the voting record of the Democrats the past few years and then after doing that ask ourselves several questions. 1. Do we really want the Democrats bailing anyone else out at this time? 2. Will a bail out actually revive our weakened economy?3. Does our government have the expertise to make the hard difficult decisions anymore? (Listen to their comments – they’re still playing politics)
4. Who is knowledgeable enough to make an honest decision about the “bail out?”

As individuals each of us need to step forward and talk with our government representatives, before they once again throw us under the bus. In all reality, it’s probably best to take our beating now! No one really knows if the “bail out” will revive our economy or just prolong the agony.

Certainly plunging into more debt without a firm guarantee from our government that we’ll be repaid immediately should be a priority. Secondly, what man or women in Washington will step forward and say without a doubt that a bail out is even feasible at this time.

The “bail out” has the ear marks of one more blunder on the part of our government – some of the world’s leading economists are throwing red flags up all over the place, because they know Washington is once again going down the wrong path.

It’s totally disgusting to hear our leaders make their better than thou comments blaming everyone, but themselves. For the first time in my 68 years, I realize these leaders are addicted politicians and will say or do anything to survive.

We hear the word bipartisan, bipartisan and bipartisan and watch as the biggest political blunder is about to occur, because our leaders don’t know how to lead.

Debate, what’s there to debate about – foreign policy isn’t exactly a great subject to bring in front of the American people tonight. Idle guarantees about repairing our broken economy is somewhat like promising a little one an ice crème cone if they find the money to buy it. We use to be the voice of America and now we’ve turned into a door mat.

The bottom line and there’s always a bottom line is this – our children and their children are being left with a mess that will last their lifetimes if we don’t work together to resolve this problem. As a Nation, we need to pitch the plastic, budget, get over the materialistic “God, and quite living for “self.”

We have young people that need us – not our gifts! If we focus on becoming responsible parents again, good role models and disciplinarians – our Nation will once more return to “One Nation Under God.”

Regardless of anyone’s beliefs – this is the formula our forefathers gave us and until we, the people lost the formula it was a tried and true way of life that worked for all.

It only takes a few people to change the “world” in a positive way – lets join the few and get our country back.

As Always, Annie