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2008 finds most Americans spending their time trying to maintain some semblance of order in their family household due to the stress of high fuel prices, a weak economy and the meddlers, peddlers and gov.

Meddlers meaning the special interest groups, lobbyists and the corporate clan. Peddlers refer to our news media that choose to blindside us and give us trickle down information in order to extract a specific response. The Gov, oh well do I need to say anymore on that one?

Few of us have time to really sift thru the political muck to find out the real truth, but before the Presidential Election we need to get involved as individuals, once again become the “Voice of America.”

Take a look at a Joe Bidens’s track record – you can do this with ease by going to projects.washingtonpost.com and stay in touch with NewsMax. If you don’t have time, than take a glance at some of his voting record in the next few paragraphs.

Remember, his campaign speeches are stuffed full of rock throwing and off the wall gibberish, because what he is saying certainly doesn’t match up to his voting record in the Senate. Who is this man and does he really place his country first in the scheme of things of is he on a personal mission?

Mr. Biden didn’t think the college students and lower middle class needed any assistance so he voted a big no as you can see below.

Vote 25: On the Motion: Motion to Waive Re: DeMint Amdt. No. 158; To increase the Federal minimum wage by an amount that is based on applicable State minimum wages.

Senator Biden wants no part of monitoring wasteful spending nor does he want his friends who lobby for him or his son to have to worry about compliance. Neither, he or his Democratic friends want to address the earmark problem – check closely and you’ll see he just passed on voting and let the Democrats take care of the bill, which they did!

Check out:

Vote 9: S 1: Vitter Amdt. No. 10; To increase the penalty for failure to comply with lobbying disclosure requirements.

Vote 142: S 761: DeMint Amdt. No. 930; To prohibit congressional earmarks of funds appropriated pursuant to No authorizations in the bill Not VOTING No – by the Democrats

Vote 9: S 1: Vitter Amdt. No. 10; To increase the penalty for failure to comply with lobbying disclosure requirements.

Vote 142: S 761: DeMint Amdt. No. 930; To prohibit congressional earmarks of funds appropriated pursuant to Noauthorizations in the bill Not VOTING No Democrats

Check this bill out, Vote 121: H R 1591: Coburn Amdt. No. 648; To remove $100 million in funding for the Republican and Democrat party conventions in 2008.

This bill was initiated to help those of us whose tax money is being recklessly tossed around at the Republic and Democratic Conventions. So far, Senator Biden appears to be scoring – 7 or 8 – he just doesn’t get it, or does he?

Is Senator Biden really placing country first, don’t think so – he voted “ no “for an extension of the income tax rate structure that protects nearly 28,000,000 families and individuals, including small business owners – and what is he actually saying in his campaign speeches?

He voted “no” on the bill to improve the economy efficiency, and effectiveness of Federal programs and reduce the Federal debt by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. Along with that he gave the “Nay” on the bill that was meant to establish a reserve fund for protecting coverage choices, additional benefits, and lower cost-sharing for Medicare beneficiaries.

This is your dad, mom, grandparents and elderly citizens that he’s ignoring and someday you’ll be one of the seniors, so you need to take a long hard look at how the Democratic VP elect is voting.

It’s your right to vote as a citizen of the United States. Along with that “right” comes a responsibility of knowing exactly what kind of man or woman you’re selecting to lead our country. We need leaders – not followers!

A good leader will stand toe to toe with the meddlers, peddlers & gov and with the help of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens restore our Nations weak foundation. It’s time for our voices to be heard – let’s not settle for trickle down propaganda, lies or idle promises!

Don’t settle for chewed up regurgitated news, drag yourselves away from the TV, Newspapers and blackberries and do our homework. Go to projects.washingtonpost.com and get the real scoop – thank goodness the Washington Post offers an easy way to study the bills that have gone thru the Senate, because the government sites are difficult to find out the “real news.” (I wonder why?)

Take a minute to study a few more bills that Senator Biden voted “No” on and decide if this is truly the man for the Vice Presidency. As a mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 – he certainly doesn’t have a track record that protects my country, children and my children’s children.

Vote 102: S CON RES 21: Kyl Amdt. No. 583; To reform the death tax by setting the exemption at $5 million per estate, indexed for inflation, and the top death tax rate at no more than 35% beginning in 2010; to avoid subjecting an estimated 119,200 families, family businesses, and family farms to the death tax each and every year; to promote continued economic growth and job creation; and to make the enhanced teacher deduction permanent. “No”

Vote 82: S CON RES 70: DeMint Amdt. No. 4339; To provide for a deficit-neutral reserve fund for providing an above the line Federal income tax deduction for individuals purchasing health insurance outside the workplace. “No”

Vote 81: S CON RES 70: Allard Amdt. No. 4233; To require that legislation to reauthorize SCHIP include provisions codifying the unborn child regulation.

Vote 77: S CON RES 70: Kyl Amdt. No. 4372; To protect small businesses, family ranches and farms from the Death Tax by providing a $5 million exemption, a low rate for smaller estates and a maximum rate no higher than 35%.

Vote 74: S CON RES 70: Kyl Amdt. No. 4348; To provide certainty to taxpayers by extending expiring tax provisions such as the R&D Tax Credit that helps US companies innovate, combat pay exclusion for our soldiers in the field, the education deduction to make colleges more affordable and the alternative energy incentives to make the environment cleaner through the end of 2009.

Vote 73: On the Motion: Motion to Waive C.B.A. Cornyn Amdt. No. 4313; To protect the family budget from runaway Government spending by increasing the number of Senators necessary to waive the PAYGO Point of Order from 60 to 100.

Vote 67: S CON RES 70: Brownback Amdt. No. 4284; To provide funds for a Commission on Budgetary Accountability and Review of Federal Agencies.

Vote 66: S CON RES 70: Allard Amdt. No. 4232; To pay down the Federal debt and eliminate government waste by reducing spending 5 percent on programs rated (as mandated under the Government Performance and Results Act (Public Law 103-62)) ineffective by the Office of Management and Budget Program Assessment Rating Tool.

Vote 56: S CON RES 70: Alexander Amdt. No. 4207 as Modified; To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to improve energy efficiency and production.

You’ve heard me say, words are cheap and often times nothing but idle rhetoric – so the next time you tune into one of Senator Biden’s political speeches consider reading between the lines, because what he says and what he does are two entirely different formats.

John Mc Cain places country first! He wants to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation and he will stand toe to toe with the meddlers, peddlers and the gov.

Sarah Palin is the lady who cares about our children and their children. She is one of us and understands the struggles and problems that parents, grandparents and concerned citizens are facing.

Don’t just consider the two mavericks, vote for them on November 4th and help them restore our Nation and leave our children a legacy that will make headlines in our History books.

As Always, Annie

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