What Do We Know

What Do We Know

As Senator Obama stated in his newsletter July 2008, the American people have a right to know… Whoa, take a minute to read his entire newsletter from cover to cover. Then in order to put this newsletter into perspective, take a peek at Senator Obama’s actual track record in the Senate. Go to the United States Senate: Senators Home

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Senator chose to sit on the fence for months at a time without casting a vote. One thing for sure you can keep your track record pretty clean if you don’t participate, or can you?

When Senator Obama discusses his concern for the “middle class” – it becomes a little confusing, because those free “fuzzies” he’s throwing to us in his campaign speeches aren’t quite adding up.

He refers to the “middle class” like we are some little waifs on the street corner waiting for a handout. Here’s a news flash to Republicans and Democrats, “Americans aren’t asking for a free ride; but we don’t want to be the good guys to rescue the crooks any longer.”

His speeches in Colorado Tuesday talked about 50 billion dollars would be used to jump start the economy and earlier the same day it was announced that the US Government was bailing out AIG to the tune of 85 billion dollars. Just exactly where does Mr.Obama think that 50 billion dollars for a jump start is hiding?

It’s obvious that “words” aren’t only cheap; sometimes they’re down right nonsensical. Americans are struggling and trying to make sense out of Senator Obama’s many promises and his feeble explanation about leadership. If he couldn’t be a stand up leader in the Senate and his greatest concern is Sarah Palin, why does he think he’s got the credentials to lead our Nation?

Everyone is listening to his campaign speeches, because that’s what Americans do the last 6 weeks before the Presidential Election. We’re spending all of our time sifting through the political maize trying to determine who he really is and what he might stand for…

According to Webster, “A leader is a person that leads, directs, commands and is a guiding hand.” So my question is this, “when, where and how did Senator Obama master the art of leadership?”

His track record in the Senate indicates more no shows, but he wasn’t worried because his Democratic friends were managing the Senate. The few times he did vote certainly didn’t indicate any concern, respect and love for the American people.

Please don’t take my word for anything, go to the webpage, “US Senate: Senators Home” and find out the truth for yourself. Senator Obama’s newsletter would make one think he made “senator of the year” in 2007 & 2008, but on close examination you probably will wonder why Illinois even kept him around.

Get an accurate picture of who this man really is and what he does or doesn’t stand for in the scheme of things. As I said, he was missing in action a large part of the time, but below are just a few of the things that he voted against in his short interim as Senator.

Before we go any further, read about the bill on 3/14/08 that was placed before the Senate to codify the unborn child regulation. For more on this go to Glenn Beck on CNN and remember that Senator Obama voted a big “Nay” on this bill.

What you’ll read is very graphic and quite sad to think that babies are just left to die with only their little blanket for comfort. There’s probably going to be an influx of people who finally have the nerve to step forward and share this story! Let’s dissect his performance during his short interim as Senator, I believe you’ll find a big “nay” on codifying the unborn child regulation..

Senator Obama didn’t considered improving access to affordable health care for all as important and he didn’t see any reason to require appropriate qualifications for interim US attorneys. Guess, its best not to step on any toes if you’re trying to win the Presidential Election – just don’t do anything to ruffle feathers Mr. Obama.

He wasn’t much interested in increasing the Federal minimum wage either and than why should he care if our college graduates are unable to find jobs – any little perk would have been most appreciated by them and the young middle class community.

Without boring you, study this bill that was to strengthen the Federal Government’s ability to detain dangerous criminal aliens, including murderers, rapists, and child molesters, until they can be removed from the United States, to prohibit the rewarding of suicide bombs and allow adequate punishments for terrorists murders, kidnappings, and sexual assaults, and for other purposes – you got it, once again he voted a big “Nay” on this bill!

He wasn’t much interested in helping small businesses, ranches and farms by providing them with a tax exemption nor did he consider protecting the families’ budget from runaway government spending or providing a point of order against legislation the increases income taxes on taxpayers, which includes the entrepreneurs, college crowd and middle class – income families.

As you continue doing your homework, you’ll discover that Senator Obama even voted against paying down the government debt and reducing the government waste on antiquated mandated programs that aren’t working.

Senior citizens, middle class and concerned citizens go to 3/13/08 and see what this Senator is all about – the bill that he voted against will astound you! On the Amendment S.Amdt. 4170 to S.Con.Res. 70 (No short title on file) Just what year did Senator Obama plan on becoming a leader who really cares about the people?

What the Democrats have in their camp is an eloquent speaker, who has a great way with words and no doubt has a great speech writer in his hip pocket and a teleprompter under his coat tails. The difficult times the past couple of years was definitely the time that Senator Obama had the opportunity to support real “change.”

Instead of taking action and leading, he opted to continue straddling the fence hoping from all outward appearance that Americans would perceive him as a Senator with a strong track record.

Our country really doesn’t need a bird watcher, who can’t make definitive decisions or stand hard on issues and legislation that is critical to the recovery of our faltering United States of America. We need “leaders not followers.”

Our Nation has two leaders, Senator John Mc Cain & Governor Sarah Palin who will carefully guide our country thru the hard times – check the “mavericks” out. They love their country, their fellow citizens and most of all they want to place our Nation back on a strong foundation for our children and our children’s children.

Americans, you’re intelligent hard working citizens with good minds and the ability to learn the truth. Voting is not only our rights as an adult citizen of the United States of American; it is a responsibility!

As Always, Annie

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