Our Nation

Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens need John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin to help them restore our country and place it back on a solid foundation. We’re all in this together and as Senator Mc Cain says, we can recover and once again become a strong Nation.

We didn’t arrive here yesterday, nor was it just the past 8 years that placed our Nation on a shaky foundation – it has been a slow erosion for many, many years caused by the meddlers (special interest groups & lobbyists), the peddlers (news media) and the gov that has created a shaky economy.

We’ve plodded through the many changes over the past 60 plus years and after pointing fingers at the meddlers, peddlers and gov – it’s time to make the necessary changes to restore the once strong foundation.

I only included meddlers, peddlers & gov because they are a part of our history in the USA. They have been responsible for shaping much of our Nation! Do I have a bunch of answers, cures or band aids to offer parents, grandparents and concerned citizens?

Not really, but looking back in history it is apparent that our ancestors came from all walks of life and yet they unanimously agreed on two thins: (1) The solid foundation for America must be “One Nation Under God, and (2) Liberty and justice for all would be the cement that would keep the United States alive and well.

As we look back over the past 60 plus years, it’s important to realize that nothing was really broken and we didn’t ask anyone to fix it, but “they” did. So now we’re faced with a weak government, too many special interest groups with their fingers in our pot, and once again parents are being controlled – no in control.

Parents and grandparents have been left with a mess, that’s for sure and we have to assume some responsibility for creating the mess. Each one of us as individuals can make the conscious decision that we want our country back on it’s once strong foundation – with “God” guiding us all things are possible.

Yep, we can even move mountains! “Rights” should be determined by what is in the best interest for the majority. Our children should always be our priority and we need prayer in the schools, the Ten Commandments visible for all (they’re really a roadmap for men, women and children.)

Remember, we’re not going to make anyone pray, nor will they be forced to read the Ten Commandments, but the flipside is this – prayer, the Ten Commandments and One Nation Under God is the legacy left to us by a forefathers.

No man, woman or child has a right to tamper with this legacy! Discipline must be returned to parents, schools and all of our society. Immorality should be addressed as a Nation and our leaders must be honest, men and women who realize that it’s not about them, but about our children and country…

“They” can continue tooting the same old horn and playing the same old tune about keeping religion and politics separate. So keep them separate, but don’t meddle with our beautiful America that thrived and prospered for years as “One Nation Under God.”

It’s a tried and true concept that works for all – and frankly for those who don’t like the concept, it’s probably time for them to take a hike, go out to sea or find another country.

We need to take care of our troops, their families and let them know daily how proud we are of them and their patriotism. You better believe they’re in Iraq because they want us to be safe!

These are the young men and women who can and will help us restore our country; they will give others outside of our country a chance to experience a better life.

How I wish a few of them could talk with us from Iraq before the Presidential Election – they are our eyes and ears in the countries outside the USA. What do they really think, how do they feel about our Presidential candidates and what is in there hearts and souls at this time as they serve our country – who better to give us the “real story?”

In closing, some very dangerous red flags are showing their evil eyes in our Nation. Self-centered, prideful, pleasure seeking and materialistic nation become divided and eventually crumble. Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

History shows that nations without codes of conduct or real human values become extinct. The Roman Empire, the Soviet Union and other Nations fell due to a decline in morals, values and a corrupt group of leaders kindled by inflation. The wealthy citizens of Rome were prideful, materialistic and pretty much what I call pleasure seekers!

Here is a letter to ponder from Charles Carroll to James McHenry, written around November 4th, 1800. What this letter discusses isn’t news, but its reliable information you can take to the bank.

Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion whose morality is so sublime and pure…are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.” Bernard C. Steiner, “The Life and Correspondence of James McHenry,” (Cleveland: The Burrows Brothers, 1907). P.475 “God Bless Each and Everyone”

As Always, Annie

PS Give us a President and Vice President that can lead and not follow. It really boils down to the hard raw basics – it’s not about you and it darn sure isn’t about me; it’s about our children and their children.

We should leave a legacy behind that will endure the tests of time! The bottom line is – we need leaders who aren’t going to hide behind the political skirts of the special interest groups, lobbyists or allow the Supreme Court to thumb their nose at the majority of the Americans.

It’s time America to gets back to the basics of love and restores our Nation as “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice For All.”. Let’s insure that Senator Mc Cain and Governor Palin are the ones who will lead our Nation the next four years. They will clean up Washington and that in itself will jump start our economy immediately.

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