If we say goodbye to Mitt Romney, will we be saying hello to President Hillary? By AnnetteK

In the 2016 political game where truth doesn’t matter anymore and substance is replaced by sound bytes here is something that does matter. Mitt Romney can win. If we lose Mitt Romney now it’s pretty simple and it’s simply this, if we say goodbye to Mitt, are we saying hello to President Hilliary?

Let’s be honest about something here folks and can the happy talk. Nobody could have beaten Barack Obama. Not Mitt Romney, not Hilliary Clinton because the Obama propaganda machine took on a mythical preportion wherein they successfully tried to resurrect the spirit of slained civil rights leader MLK who is the stuff of legend after whom an American holiday has been named. America was conned into believing through the slickest Madison Avenue con artists propaganda machine that America by voting for Barack Hussein Obama was voting vicariously to resurrect the spirit of Dr Martin Luther King and in doing so we will all somehow ascend to the mountain top and for the first time as a nation see the promise land. Who could compete with that? Mitt Romney couldn’t but you know what, Hilliary Clinton couldn’t either, nor could the slick teflon Bill Clinton spin machine.

Here is the truth no one wants to write about which is if Barack Hussein Obama were white, not only would he have not won the presidency, he never would have been nominated by the Democratic party as an inexperienced junior senator with zero military service, and zero foreign relations experience, who in fact is in his life never created even a single job in the private sector. They wanted to see and hear MLK. Instead what they got was Barack Hussein Obama and he betrayed everybody who supported him except for his super rich friends on Wall Street that helped him get elected. All of whom he bailed out in a quick quid pro quo 2008 Wall Street financial meltdown bailout from the fed.

This is what actually happened. Now Mitt Romney who is the best presidential candidate the GOP has produced in a generation, a man with integrity, a man with a vision, a man with character who believes in real American grassroots Christian values of hard work, honesty and morality has been discouraged and announced he has given up his run for the presidency because not enough of us supported him. Shame on us all! Let me tell you something. If Mitt Romney quits, America loses. This is why we should all of us collectively today loudly proclaim our support for Mitt Romney as the future president of the United States in an appeal that is so compelling and so loud, it will get the attention of the entire nation and capture the imagination of the whole world. Mitt Romney can win against Hilliary Clinton.

This is a man with impeccable conservative credentials. He has a proven record as a job creator in the private sector. He successfully was elected governor of liberal Massachusetts which means this is a conservative who knows how to get Democrats to vote for him which you have to be able to do in order to successfully be elected President.

In short, Mitt Romney can win. I’m not going to say he’s the only GOP candidate in America today who can win but I’m going to say he is our best chance of winning the presidency of the United States for 2016.

This is why I continue to support Romney and you should as well. Ronald Reagan ran for the presidency three times and then he won. For Mitt to have another bite at the apple isn’t beyond the pail. Mitt Romney comes from an all American family. He looks the part of an American president. He has a proven track record for private sector job creation both as governor and as a successful business man in the private sector. Our biggest worry should be that if we say goodbye to Mitt, are we really saying hello to President Hilliary? If you don’t think it can happen, consider her husband Bill won the White House twice. Consider that  Hilliary on her resume doesn’t just have former first lady of the United States but former U.S. senator from the state of New York, former secretary of state. She is going to be running under the banner of the first female president of the United States. We can’t possibly afford to nominate somebody whose name isn’t nationally recognisable. Let’s remember that 47 million people voted for Mitt Romney in 2008.

In short the best reason to continue to support Mitt Romney is that he has the best chance of winning. That is why we need to get him back because when Mitt wins, America wins.

Regards from AnnetteK