Put The Blame On Santa Claus

The Copenhagen Climate Summit imploded on its second day over the lethal ‘Danish text” leak of the draft agreement, which further empowers First World nations over the developing and undeveloped nations, sidelines the UN and dumps the Kyoto Protocol. As the screaming developing nations let off CO2 like weenies on a grill amidst all the limos and private jets of the attendees, the Northern hemisphere is gripped in Winter’s snowy embrace while it is still Fall. Global warming is dead and it’s too late to switch back to the Global Cooling of the ‘70s. The only control freak Globalist thing left on their humanity hating agenda is Climate Change with which to bludgeon us into shivering serfs.

The Summit started off with the usual political correct nonsense of Christmas trees being banned since it is a socialist rich, post Christian environment where nothing as crass as trees sacrificed for bourgeoisie sentimentality is allowed. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, in the bizarro world of the socialist, it’s always Winter and never Christmas.

On the national level, the cultural obliteration of Christmas and its traditions proceeds apace with the First Family sending out Seasons Greetings’ cards, which makes one wonder about the contents of their spice cabinet. Then Frosty the Snowman has gone adult with risqué sexual content over at CBS. So…are Frosty’s snow gal pals frigid? The ubiquitous and smarmy “Happy Holidays” is enough to make one ralf, so anxious is it not to offend anyone’s exquisite cultural and religious feelings. Why can’t the politically correct just snarl, “Bah! Humbug!” and let everyone know how they really feel about Christmas instead?

This has been pointed out before but needs to be asked again: Weren’t these politically correct, elitist slobs at one point children? And didn’t they enjoy Christmas as much as the next person?

What happened to them? Did they go mental or something when they found out that Santa and his reindeer sleigh were part of the sweet mythology of Christmas?

BUT and here’s the REAL secret of Santa: Once you know about Santa, you then BECOME Santa yourself when it comes to gift giving. When a child is old enough to learn about Santa, it is time for them to go from, “Me-me-me! It’s all about me!” to, “What would Mommy and Daddy and Sissy like for Christmas? Do I have enough saved up to surprise them on Christmas? ”

Quite frankly, if children learned THAT lesson about Santa and budgeting for Christmas, there’d be a lot less bitter, socialists/atheists in this world. They’d learn that it is more blessed to voluntarily give than to receive, they would think of others first and they would learn self-discipline rather than immediate, selfish gratification. (Yes, I know a spoiled brat of a child that went from being nominally Christian to atheist because, to them, if Santa didn’t exist then God didn’t exist!)

Getting back to the scarcity of Christmas trees at The Copenhagen Climate Summit, we just got our tree from only one of two (count ’em, two) Christmas tree lots in an entire 25 mile radius! When the attendant was asked why there weren’t more tree lots, she replied that the environmentalists had convinced city officials not to grant permits for tree lots plus the Forest Service was not allowing as much culling of pines this year. National forests are where most tree sellers here in Arizona get their stock!

My reaction? I blurted out, “#*^& those stupid environmentalists!” and the tree lot attendant, a woman in her late ’60s, started laughing in agreement then handed us extra candy canes from sheer and conspiratorial good will. So a 2009 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Extra snaps to you if you get a clerk in a corporate store to wish you “Merry Christmas” right back.