Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving Day 2009

There are so many truly awful things going on the world today that it is easy to get overwhelmed and downhearted. For one thing, it seems that no matter how much We the People protest against the socialist agenda juggernaut going on in our nation’s Capital, all our respective representatives-turned-dictatorial-lawgivers snort is “Whee! The people…?” This last being squealed as they lift their snouts from the public tax dollar trough in disgust at our kicking and screaming as we refuse to be robbed further or be dragged into their nightmare version of a command economy.

Then there are the leftist cultural and institutional attacks on Christianity, the shredding of the US Constitution, the governmental corruption and lawlessness, the voter fraud, the rapidly devaluing US dollar, the crumbling of the housing market, our devastated economy, the unemployment, the loss of our manufacturing base, illegal immigration, domestic spontaneous jihad syndrome attacks, you name it!

Yet, in spite of all that doom-and-gloom, it is vital to remember that we have much to be thankful for and what better day to remember what blessings we do have but that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving? The original 17th Century pilgrims gave thanks to God for ultimately letting them survive their first few hardship winters in the Plymouth Colony. Every US President since Abraham Lincoln, who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, has come out with a Thanksgiving Proclamation acknowledging the debt we, as a nation, owe God for our survival.

So before the big Zero in the Oval Office does his professional courtesy, photo op death-sentence-commuting of the other White House turkey, I’d like to thank God for the following blessings:

  • That I have been given the gift of Life by God, that my eternal soul has value in His eyes and that his Son, Jesus Christ, is my Lord and Savior,
  • That I am blessed with an incredibly happy marriage to the great love of my life, my husband, John Huggett, who means everything to me,
  • That I found out through diversity, who my real friends and true family are,
  • That I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and that we moved out of that insane asylum a.k.a., California, and to the high desert of Arizona where the people, the patriotism, the starry night sky, the ability to open carry and the scenery are incredible.
  • That the America that I know and love is awakening slowly but surely to the present danger that she is in from the socialist thieves, criminals, fraudsters, thugs and seditious traitors that currently have control of the three branches of our government.
  • That there is real hope and real change in the air as the US shifts to conservatism in all fifty states.
  • That average Americans are heartily sick of Political Correctness and are beginning to reject it in favor of Reality, which, unlike Political Correctness, won’t ultimately get us killed.
  • That more and more Americans are figuring out that Liberalism really is a mental disorder,
  • That Americans are rediscovering the joy and strength of Christianity by understanding that just because we are admonished to,”…turn the other cheek.” it does not automatically make us into punching bags.

I could go on and on but I bet by now you are adding your own blessings and observations to the above list. Let’s just say that it is easy to forget all the good because we are constantly bombarded by the bad so it’s vital so share this national day of Thanksgiving first with God then with each other. For we are all the American family gathered around our tables, praying, eating, laughing, vying we each other over the wishbone, taking seconds, grateful for what peace and plenty we still have left, and determined to recoup what we have lost and move forward as a nation to that Shining City on a Hill that President Reagan envisioned for us.

Oh, and PS: Since we won’t be together this Thanksgiving, I’d like to personally thank the following conservatives for all the love, fun and camaraderie that we’ve shared in cyberspace in 2009: Warner Todd Huston, Lynn Gehling, Patricia Nordman, Marie Jon, Fred Hutchinson, Stephen Stone, “LB” Neal, Sandi Ree, Gary Schneider, Bob Parks, Selwyn Duke, “Redhat” Rob Shearer, Carol Jensen, Bill & Marie Bellew, Trent Duff, Ken Marrero, Sharise Parviz, Toby Westerman, Anita MonCrief, Mike Gaynor, Frank Hyland, and Mike Cutler.

And even though she’s not in cyber space but always physically underfoot demanding attention while I’m trying to write or do my web editing, my wild child of a cat, Siouxsie.