Who would you rather have with you as a back-up in that dark alley?

London’s flamboyant, bike-commuting mayor, Boris Johnson, did something rather extraordinary earlier this week in that criminal paradise known as the UK where self-defense and “have-a-go heroes” face prosecution for stopping crimes before the police can get there purposely too late in order to just have to fill out paperwork.  In the UK, where everyone basically quails before the whims of the violent, Boris Johnson confronted a gang of teenage girls (one armed with an iron bar), who were threatening an older woman.

With his reputation as an out-of-control rugby player still hanging around him like a miasma, big, burly Johnson sped up on his bike to help the founder of the environmentalist 10:10 campaign and  film director, Franny Armstrong (The Age of Stupid) as the wolf pack of girls descended on her. The girls, not used to meeting resistance from anyone, dropped their weapon and fled.

Armstrong, who was a supporter of Johnson’s mayoral rival, “Red” Ken Livingston, was clearly impressed when she said, “If you find yourself down a dark alleyway and in trouble, I think Boris would be of more use than Ken.”

Well, duh, lady and why didn’t you apply that sound bit of reasoning when you voted in the first place?  And an even bigger “duh” needs to go out on this side of the Atlantic for anyone experiencing “buyer’s remorse” over who they voted for in 2008.  The world is a scary, dangerous place, full of violent peoples within AND without, who want to see you dead, our nation destroyed and their greedy ideology triumphant.

We just went through an off-year election where Republicans cleaned the clock of the Jackass Party, which is all well and good, but there is a full year before the 2010 elections and a lot can happen in-between time.  The Democrats still control DC, the media and have a finely oiled smear machine that can spring into action at a moment’s notice.  The hysteria that they will unleash on the public as the 2010 elections approach will be overwhelming so maybe if voters ask themselves this one simple question in the voting booth, they could actually make an intelligent decision when they pull that lever.

The question is this: If I were in a dark alley and needed back-up, who would I rather have with me?

  • A Democrat or a Republican?
  • A conservative or a RINO??
  • A patriot or an internationalist?
  • A US service man or a war protester?
  • A hunter or an environmentalist?
  • A candidate for everyone or someone, who is counting on racial or ethnic loyalty?
  • A non-responsive incumbent or grassroots new blood?
  • A corrupt, lobbyist-lovin’ fat cat or a Constitutionalist?
  • A member of the NRA or a member of the ACLU?
  • Someone of the people or a spoiled prat from an elitist, ruling class family?
  • A candidate, who runs a clean campaign or one, who is dependent on voter fraud and disenfranchising absentee US military voters?
  • A private sector individual or a career government person?

The next is a trick variation on the above question formulated to drive you not only to drink but to stay out of dark alleys altogether:

  • For US President in 2012, a narcissistic, incompetent girly-man communist or the narcissistic, incompetent doofus the RINO infested GOP will put forth when they could win so easily with a truly conservative candidate?

Now go forth and vote accordingly in 2010 and hope and pray that the GOP sees the light for 2012 because you and your family’s very life may depend on it someday soon.