What’s So Happy About Halloween This Year?

The terror of ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go “Bump” in the night hasn’t got anything on the real life fright Americans are experiencing nine months into the Obama Administration. One could look at the title of this article and substitute Thanksgiving and/or Christmas too because it is only going to get worse if Obamacare is passed.

The “Pedophile Protection Act” just got signed into law as a rider to a defense spending bill. Our men are dropping like flies in Afghanistan as Obama dithers around on the golf course. US workers are losing their jobs, their homes, their currency, their privacy and if Obama unconstitutionally signs that Globalist climate control Treaty of Copenhagen in December, their sovereignty and freedom to a one world government predicated on massive redistribution of wealth to Third World countries, anarcho-tryanny through demonization of native First World populations if they fight against unrestricted immigration from hostile and aggressive foreign cultures and peoples and grotesquely criminal governmental corruption paid for by the fiscal enslavement of producing workers for generations to come.

The American Dream is turning into a nightmare but, hey, First Lady Michele Obama is on the December cover of Glamour Magazine, sans her usual boob belt, and inside chirping on about how “cute” doesn’t make it in the long haul. In light of the utter hash her husband is making of the US Presidency, perhaps we need to revisit Thomas Paine’s comment that, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” because what Barack Obama is doing to this country isn’t cute either although it has long haul repercussions.

Now ancient Celtic peoples thought that Halloween was the night that the veil between the living world and the dead was at its thinnest and awful things would come through to harm the living. The only thing to do was to dress up as something unusual to confuse the spirits and leave food offerings at the front and back door to placate ghostly visitors. Fast forward to 2009 and one almost feels like dressing in rags and leaving tax dollars at the front and back doors to ward off the IRS. Jack O’Lanterns are probably right out because someone somewhere will start shrieking about global warming.

Early evening Trick or Treaters are usually adorable children just thrilled with whatever you give them. My favorite of all time was a young princess out on her very first round of Halloween fun and my house was her maiden stop. I opened the door and she just stood there in mute confusion until her father and I urged her to say something. She yelled out “Happy New Year!” and, of course, got a whole handful of candy along with our laughter.

Unfortunately, as the evening grinds on, wolf packs of children start showing up, who don’t even bother with the “Trick or Treat” greeting. They just hold out their sacks waiting for the booty to drop in and one feels like they’ve just seen America’s future and they’re all Democratic voters. The worst, though, are the young teens, who don’t even bother to don costumes. They just show up as their own mute, surly selves. They usually get the dregs from the candy bowl because who would want to waste peanut butter cups on slobs like them?

Actually, I’m not giving out candy this year. It’s too expensive and there are too many nervous Nellies out there terrified that someone might try to either poison their little darlings or provide something that will trigger an allergic reaction. The best and safest bang for one’s buck is to hand out pennies. The coins make a satisfying rattle when dropped into goodie bags , the kids aren’t quite sure how much they got because the pennies disappear immediately to the bottom of the bag, and everyone is impressed that you’re giving out money.

If you count in the unemployed, who have dropped off the rolls because they’ve run out of their benefits or given up looking for work plus the currently on-the-books unemployed we’re pushing on to 20% unemployment. That means that there’s a good chance that 20% of all children coming to the door have parents out of work. Those pennies may not be much but just remember how lucky you feel, especially when you are between jobs, when you find a coin on the pavement even if it is just a penny. A child fishing out some pennies from their Trick or Treat bag will feel just as pleased.

Now if only the Fed would stop masquerading as the Weimar Republic and knock-off flooding the market with all that worthless, fiat currency a.k.a. US Dollars…