Anita MonCrief – A Modern David Takes on The Obama/ACORN Goliath

On Tuesday, October 20, 2009, in a teleconference for bloggers hosted by Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart TV and BigGovernment.com and ACORN whistle-blower, Anita MonCrief, the launch of Ms MonCrief’s defense fund website, Fight for Anita, (http://fightforanita.com/) was announced.

A brief description of Anita’s website, which was included in the invitation, read, “ACORN is doing everything it can to intimidate Anita and others like her from telling the public what they know about ACORN.  In June 2009, Project Vote and ACORN filed a lawsuit against Anita to try to get her to stop talking.  The defense fund, Fight for Anita was created to help Anita with her very expensive legal fees during this crucial battle for Anita’s First Amendment rights so that she may continue to tell her brave story.”

The Fight for Anita site is as direct and as straightforward as the lady is herself.  Anita never wanted the publicity, legal persecution or notoriety of whistle blowing on ACORN, Project Vote and ultimately President Obama himself.  However, her innate honesty, patriotism and the very same idealism that led her to work for ACORN in the first place, also gave her the strength and courage to reject and expose the corruption, voter fraud and thuggery she saw around her.

On the Home Page the viewer can learn about articles that Anita has written personally, what her history is with ACORN and precisely who Anita is.  Tabs at the top of the page take one to the “About” section where one can learn how to become part of Team Anita even down to getting banners supporting Anita for one’s own blog and/or website.  Another tab goes to the “Meet Anita” page with a short bio and simple links to her personal blogspot, Twitter and Facebook pages.

There’s a tab for the “News and Media” sections with links to important news stories concerning Anita’s fight and a “Press Room” which directs media inquires.  The last two tabs, “Contact” and “Donate” get to the crux of the matter because Anita is facing millions of dollars in legal fees.  One thing that is important to remember is that Anita’s battle is ultimately everyone’s battle.  The Obama Administration and all its tentacles and support groups think nothing of going after individual citizens utilizing the legal system in order to intimidate, punish and financially destroy anyone, who gets in their way.  The Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Glenn Becks that are targeted have the backing of their networks and their own personal fortunes to see them through but for the little people/unwashed masses/peasants of this world without important ruling elite families, fortunes and connections to protect them like the Joe the Plumbers, Sarah Palins, Hannah Giles’, James O’Keefes and Anita MonCriefs, the full weight of the leftist onslaught is designed to ruin their lives and careers.  Keep in mind that “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” So it may be Anita today but you tomorrow if you dare to speak the honest Truth to leftist Power, which considers our First Amendment right of Free Speech merely a speed bump in their obscenely mad dash for power over us.

Remember the old Bible story of the young sheppard boy, David, single-handedly taking on the gigantic Philistine warrior, Goliath, armed with nothing more than a sling and five smooth stones? There’s Goliath, with his entire army behind him, towering over David, cursing up a storm and laughing in derisive disbelief as a mere slip of a boy approaches him twirling that sling then BLAMO! The released stone smacks Goliath right between the eyes collapsing him like a soufflé taken too soon out of the oven.  David springs forward and with Goliath’s own sword lops off the giant’s head.  Then David, holding aloft Goliath’s disembodied noggin, routed the entire Philistine army.

Only this time it’s a single mom named Anita and her sling is loaded with rotten ACORNs.  The giant, leftist-perverted legal system is strutting around in front of her while Obama and his crew of czars, handlers, power-mad legislators-turned-rulers and media attack dogs shriek and howl in fearful outrage in the background. Anita is taking careful aim, knowing that Truth will give her the killer blow not only in the court of public opinion but in the actual courts of America.  Her time is soon coming when she will not only vanquish her collective legal foe but hold up its severed head so that the Obamunists can no longer hide behind the legal system to consolidate their silent, fraudulent, socialist coup.

And…unlike a different Anita dredged up by the Democrats to discredit then Supreme Court Justice nominee, Clarence Thomas,… Ms MonCrief is an Anita you CAN believe!