Illegal Immigrant Detentions To Be Scaled Back To Just The Violent And Threatening

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, will announce later this week that, in order to cut back on the cost of incarceration of illegal aliens in America’s jails, the 40%, which are nonviolent, will be placed in cheaper hotels and nursing homes instead. This comes on the heels of a new reclassification of illegals according to the threats they pose or the crimes that they have already committed. Those not considered dangerous are women, children and non-offenders but if the DHS does not maintain lock-downs on the participating hotels and nursing homes, then this latest program is nothing more than a new variant of “catch-and-release”.

According to Secretary Napolitano, “Serious felons deserve to be in the prison model but there are others. There are women. There are children.”

On the surface, this looks more like misplaced sympathy than anything else but under the cover of “caring” about the “plight” of “women and children”, Secretary Napolitano is turning a blind eye to the fact that these same non-felons have broken our immigration laws. The DHS is essentially giving 40% of its caught illegals a quasi- asylum status. However, that 40% is here illegally, which makes them criminals whether they have gotten around to other illegal and dangerous activities or not. Their very presence in our country is a threat to our laws, civic institutions, social services, national sovereignty, and social cohesion.

Under the guise of a false economy, The Department of Homeland Security claims that it can house a non-threatening immigrant awaiting deportation in a hotel situation for around $14.00 a day as opposed to a jail cell which runs $100.00 a day. However, under this latest plan, access to telephones, more thorough medical treatment and psychiatric assessment will be made available to the illegals.

Further expenses could mount up as administration officials turn to private contractors for ideas and plans for constructing model holding facilities not to mention the wear, tear and vandalism that would fall on those hotels and nursing homes that took in illegals. The safety of the frail and elderly within the nursing homes and hotel security would also need to be stepped up with the DHS more than likely footing the bill.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, around 380,000 illegals are detained every year with the Border Patrol figuring that they catch only one tenth of all illegals in the country. Of the 380,000 known illegals, 51% or 193,800 are hard criminals with 11% of those, or 21,318 as violent criminals. Multiply each number by 10 to get a truer picture of what illegals are doing to the citizens and legal residents of this country and a far more dangerous picture emerges.

Considering also that identity theft and identity fraud through the matricula consular cards issued in Mexico to anyone willing to pay the fees is rampant among illegals, could anyone within the DHS be certain who is a non-threat within that 40% they wish to house in hotels and nursing homes?

Yet, according to Janet Napolitano herself, patriotic Americans protesting peacefully in TEA rallies are the real domestic threats. It would be far safer for everyone concerned if the DHS dropped the reclassification and rehousing of illegals, speeded up the process of their deportation and unceremoniously shoved them back one-way to their countries of origin. What money spent in the returning of illegals should then be automatically deducted from any foreign aid earmarked for the illegals’ countries of origin. Those countries not receiving aid would then face tariffs being slapped on any of their imports to offset American incarceration and deportation expenses. Any money saved by applying common sense rather than political correctness and hidden agendas to our immigration policy could then be used to secure our borders thereby saving even more money for the suddenly cost-cutting Department of Homeland Security.