Democrats Can Dish It Out But They Can’t Take It

How soon Democrats forget! Didn’t we just finish up eight non-stop, miserable, name-calling, hate-filled, invective-slinging years by them aimed at President Bush and his policies? We are not just talking about the Daily Kossacks’ “Chimpy McHitler” taunts either. We’re talking Senator Harry Reid on record calling President Bush a “liar”, Senator John Kerry insulting US troops in Iraq by referring to them as “stuck” there because they obviously failed at school and Rep. John Murtha attacking US Marines for the fictional Haditha Massacre.

Let’s not forget the entire Main Stream Media banging the anti-war, anti-Bush drum incessantly either. Somehow Abu Ghraib was Bush’s fault as was Hurricane Katrina and global warming. One has only to go to a 2006 posting on Democratic Underground to see a thread offering new and exciting (to them) insults to be leveled at President Bush and the GOP.

Yet one lousy but brilliant poster of President Obama tricked out as the Joker in Batman with the word “Socialism” underneath and the Left falls apart. Why? Because the dead eyes of Obama correlated perfectly with the anarchy that he is unleashing on America with his Nanny State policies. In other words, it was believable! The Left had already used the same iconography to smear President Bush but it never took because Bush was still perceived as upholding American values.

And now Rep. Joe Wilson is catching heat for blurting out, “You lie!” during President Obama’s September 9 Joint Session to Congress. Wilson, even though he apologized immediately after the session, made the classic mistake of speaking Truth to Power. The Democrats, of course, went ballistic and are hell bent to discipline him and force him out. Why? Because they know and a growing majority of American voters are figuring out that deceit, fraud, corruption, lies and trickery are the over-arching principles of not only the Obama Administration but the Democratic Party itself. Wilson is fighting back and average Americans are filling his campaign coffers with hundreds of thousands of dollars, which may be even more frightening to the Democrats than Wilson’s two word sentence.

It has only been a scant 8 months ago that Barack Hussein Obama became our 44th President and, and as far as I am concerned, if you want to know when he’s lying, watch his lips move. However, the same party that had a field day verbally tarring-and-feathering President Bush has suddenly gone all squeamish on proper House and Senate etiquette. House Rules Committee Chairwoman, Rep. Louise Slaughter just popped up with a primer for her colleagues on how to insult the President while in committee or in session.

Section 370 of the House Rules and Manuals will allow the President to be referred to as a “nitwit” or “disgrace” but “liar”, “hypocrite”, “intellectual dishonesty” and “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” are forbidden terms. The Senate is under no such restrictions except when referring to their fellow Senators so evidently the First Amendment still functions somewhat there and no where else in the Legislative Branch of our government.

But don’t despair, Congress Critters! You can still dare to radically tell the truth in a socialist state by brushing up on your Shakespeare! Think of the insults! By the time the ill-educated, limited vocabulary Word Nazis have figured out that calling Speaker Pelosi a “slumgullion” isn’t a complimentary reference to goulash, you can move on to calling Rep. Murtha a “swag-bellied wagtail”! One could call Rep. Harry Waxman an “overwheening, puke-stockinged bugbear” but his type of political and moral ugliness defies description.

And who wouldn’t want to refer to Obamacare as “tickle-brained horse-drench”? Speaking of Obama, better steer clear of calling him a “vain, prick-eared, vile worm” because you might get called up on the new primer rules for alluding to “sexual misconduct on the President’s part” even though the word “prick” has as much to do here with sex as criticizing the President’s policies has to do with racism.