Left Abandons Women’s Rights In Favor Of Islam

What do aging pop-star, Madonna, and Harper’s Bazaar have in common besides an obsession with the House of Balmain? How about rank ignorance of non-Western political agendas? Madonna just got booed while on the Bulgaria section of her latest tour not for her minimal talents but for making unwarranted, politically correct statements about the status and treatment of gypsies. She pushed the tolerance line to people, who weren’t buying because they have extensive dealings with the lawlessness, crime, fraud, drug dealing, vandalism and human trafficking that have made the Romany communities notorious all over the EU.

The 2009 September issue of Harper’s Bazaar has an article titled France’s Burkha Ban Uncovered with the usual leftist tripe that banning French burkhas equals religious bigotry by the war correspondent, Janine di Giovanni, whose cost-of-war stories always seem to tilt towards being pro-Islamic and anti-Western. So when such supposedly sophisticated taste makers like Madonna and Harper’s Bazaar don’t bother to consider the ramifications of their leftist opinions, is it any wonder then that articles like Twice Branded: Western Women In Muslim Lands by Vanity Fair editor, Judy Bachrach start showing up wondering why our Western governments do not go to women’s aid when they fall victim to Islamic misogyny?

Now I’m familiar with all of the examples Judy Bachrach used in her article since I have been following the encroachment of Islamic cultural jihadism against Western women with real concern for over a decade. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been writing so much on Islamic “fashion” too. Conservatives really need to take a serious look at women’s magazines because the liberal editorial slant of “Western-men-bad, political- correctness-good” in such publications as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar of what is going on with realpolitik versus women’s rights world wide is appalling.

Yet women read those magazines and internalize the liberal line without realizing that they’ve been betrayed by progressive liberalism/socialism/communism. The Left cynically championed Women’s Rights not because it believed in the equality of the sexes but because the concept was viewed as a way to attack and destroy marriage and the nuclear family. Socialism purposely downgrades a woman’s greatest role as wife and mother by shaming her into the paid and taxable work force at the same time encouraging a dependence on the State as a substitute for the husband and father. The State actively encourages divorce not only because it destroys nuclear family loyalty but it ensures that families do not grow powerful over generations to upset the already established power structures of elitist families. Culturally, men are either shown as selfish brutes or incompetent cads with the hidden agenda message that marriage is really “slavery”. Women then turn to the State and its legal apparatus to become the father/provider for the woman and her off-spring. Men become nothing more than sperm donors when the welfare state is in place hence the explosion of illegitimate births and generational welfare dependency.

Now that most women are thoroughly creatures of Leftist ideology, it’s safe for the Left to ignore the horrific abuse of Western and non-Western women within Islam, colonial outposts of Islam/Islamic communities within our countries and Islamic countries themselves. Quite simply, the Left is silent when women literally get slaughtered in what is essentially a religio-political death cult because both the Left and Islam have the same goal of destroying Western freedom.

It’s not for nothing that Muslims during WWII avidly became National Socialist, i.e. Nazis. When Hitler approached the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Amin al Husseini, to recruit Muslims for Hitler’s African campaign, that Islamic leader insisted that the price of the Muslims throwing in with the Nazis then was the extermination of all Jews and it was this final solution devil’s bargain that set off the Holocaust.

Also, and this is a fatal flaw within Islam, their prophet proclaimed that 90% of all inhabitants of hell are women. There are only two ways within Islam for a woman to get to heaven: 1) She must be in her husband’s good graces when she dies hence divorce or even displeasing her tyrannical husband can mean literally a death sentence in the here and now and in the afterlife or 2) as a shaheed/martyr. That last one is why so many raped Muslim women turn suicide bombers. For these targeted women victims, it is the only way for them to recoup salvation. Rape recruiting is one of the most evil ploys ever developed by the male cowards of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Now, Islamic men are promised untold delights in heaven and if they die fighting for Islam, they get 72 virgins on top of all the feasting and other sensual fun denied them on this earthly plane. How a disembodied spirit can participate in sensuality is one of those conundrums of Islam which no one ever goes into but, hey, historically, has anyone ever read the small print? A woman, on the other hand, if she makes it into Paradise, merely becomes the head of her husband’s 72 virgins, the most desirable of all his houri, which, by the way, is where we get our word “whore”.

So wifey gets to be the head whore. Don’t ask me what the shaheeds get because the Koran is silent on that. Somehow I think such a male-centric organization such as Islam would frown on their female shaheeds being serviced nightly by 72 male virgins. But at least Muslims have it over socialists in that they have a heaven while all a true socialist gets is the long dirt nap.